Sunday, July 31, 2011

HTC ChaCha & Fireworks~

31 July 2011. Sunny.

According to the Weather Forecast, it should be having Thunderstorm. However, the weather is super hot making me feel dizzy. Currently at my grandmother's house posting a blog post. Today is the last day of the month July. Nothing much to do, so decided to come back for dinner and have a small bonding session afterwards.

Yesterday was considered a tiring but fun day. In the morning, I went jogging around my home circumference and did some arm exercises with Eric. Played a little basketball with him, then went home to rest. After lunch, head over to his home to help him with his new ChaCha.. YES! We went to re-contract our mobile plan and bought the new HTC ChaCha together~


Then, we head over to City Hall, walked over to Marina Square, got our Mac dinner and to Esplanade area to watch the NDP Preview and fireworks. We planned to watch it at Marina Bay Sands, but was rather late and all the roads are blocked. We were considered really lucky to get a good view spot and managed to watch the water performances, fly pass of the air planes and fireworks.

NDP Preview Performance Highlights
Fabulous Fireworks