Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day in 2008!!!

Today is 31st December 2008... Sunny Day~~

It is the last day of the year 2008... Time flies super fast and another year is going to end soon once it strikes 12 midnight... This will be the last post for the year and more will come next year in 2009... By counting the number of posts I have posted for the past years, it has come to about 150 posts... hahah...

Thinking back time, I did have many memorable memories that I feel will be nicely kept in a place deep in my heart... Good ones will be stored forever and bad ones will all be washed off together with the ending of 2008...

I am super looking forward for the new year to come quickly... Tomorrow will be a public holiday where everybody will be busy celebrating with friends and family... hahaha... Erm... Maybe I will be staying at home since no one has asked me out yet... whahaha....

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Today is 25th December 2008... Good Day...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYONE OUT THERE~~~ Hope that everyone has a good christmas and a upcoming new year...

As it is Christmas today, our family members decided to have a family BBQ gathering... So my brother and I took a bus back to my grandmother's place at around 5pm... Reached there and saw three small BBQ pits.. whahaha... Really small one wor... hahaha...

The rest of them came about 6pm... but we already start to start the fire up first... Thus, those big cousins and their partners came and took over to bbq the food for us.. whahaa... so nice and delicious food... Once in a while have a BBQ with the family is really a nice experience... hee... Ok.. enough say, photos speaks louder than words.. haha..

Take a look at them:

Sandy, look over here~~
So much food!!!
Why that face?? Faster fan!!
See that very small bbq pits?
Big cousins helping to start the fire...
A group of them sitting over here...
Another group near the pits...
Mummy, you want to fight
with the sweet potatoes?
Prawns too??
Grandmother super happy!!
Muumy and Aunt
Me and Mummy
Christmas Cheezecake done by my aunt

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

High up Reaching the Sky!!

Today is 23rd December 2008... Sunny yet Cooling Day...

Woke up this morning feeling horrible as I caught a serious flu like I couldn't catch a breathe... Suppose to do project with Wei Ying but she overslept and I was going out at 1.30pm so didn't meet up in the end... Prepared myself with the stuffs I needed to bring like camera... Although having serious flu, it didn't let me feel down as I was excited over the fact that I was going to take the singapore flyer with my family... I always like to take Ferris Wheel when I was young... It was the only time when I can reach the top of the world... haha...

Reached there about 3.30pm, so headed towards the ride entrance... Went through the security check, then walked towards the capsule... The capsule was big... haha... At the peak of the whole flyer, it was really cool... The ride took about 30mins... Took lots of photos during the ride.. haha..

Take a look at them:

The Singapore Flyer
That's Me!
Capsule that we will be in~~
My cousin and her parents
Brother, Mummy and her friends
Me and Cousin Sandy
Me and Mummy
Brother and Me
The scenery is so beautiful~~
The Marina Floating Platform
The Esplanade
Black and White 的我~~
Cool Me~~
The Future Singapore Integrated Resorts (IR)
At the soviniers shop~~
At the club
After dinner, went to the casino room in the club to watch my favourite Little Nonya show at 9pm... At 10pm, heard from the news that the Singapore Flyer suddenly stopped moving because of some technical error in the system and about hundred of people were stucked in the capsules for hours... We were lucky ones that were not stucked in the capsule as we went there a bit early to take the flight... We were all really lucky!! Thank Godness!!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brother's 16th Birthday!!!

Today is 9th December 2008... Fine Day...

Today is brother's 16th birthday, so wishing him a Happy 16th Birthday... haha... My aunt made a Cheeze cake and it was supposed to be his birthday cake, however, it was too tempting and we ate it in advance... So, bought another birthday cake for him instead... hahaha...

Really hope he can obtain good grades for his 'O' levels and get into a poly with his wanted course...

Home-made Cheeze Cake by my Aunt
Brother's birthday Cake
Brother and My Grandmother~~ So nice..

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