Saturday, May 24, 2008

My last day in Ecquaria!!!

Today is 24th May 2008... Fine Day!!!

Yesterday was my last day to complete my industrial attachment... I really felt sad that I am leaving the company(Ecquaria), as well as the team of people whom I have been working with for the past 3 months... So, in order to keep a memory with me, I requested to take a group photo with them... Although some may not be in there but I will not forget the thick and thin that we had all went through... I am feeling a bit regretful as I am not able to continue the project that I have been working with them... It is almost the last phase to go... Hope that everything goes smoothly for them... As a token of appreciation and thanks to them, I gave them each a group photo and a small packet mixture of sweets and chocolate... Hope they like it..

I feel that they are very nice people and also helpful... Enjoy working with them... Especially with Vivian, Li Min, Ricky, Kelvin, Terry and Yuan Le... hahaha... A Big Thank You to them for letting me have an excellent memory with them and also to Elvina and Vivian for giving me the thumbdrive as a gift. I will go back to pay them a visit or have lunch with them when I am free.... Hope that everyone will be happy and stressless... hahaha... 加油!!!!

These are the photos I took with my team mates:

~~My Group of Team Mates~~
Front: Bryan, Elvina, Vivian, Me, Ricky
Back: Aung, Yuan Le, Raymond, Poh Kiong, Kelvin, Li Min
Photo taken by: Terry
~~ Me, Li Min & Li Ting~~
~~Sheena & Me~~
~~Elvina, Vivian, Li Min, Me & Yuan Le~~
~~Elvina, Vivian, Me & Li Min~~
~~Yuan Le, Me & Li Min~~
~~Vivian & Me~~
~~ 4GB thumbdrive from Vivian & Elvina~~

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11th May 2008 - Mother's Day!!

I am going to blog about how my family celebrates Mother's Day that was on 11th May 2008... hahaha... Seems like it is a bit too late.. That’s because I do not have the time... This can be counted as my first time to celebrate Mother's Day with all 4 mums... My mother, aunt, grandma as well as my cousin's mum... hahaha...

We did not go out for big celebration as we knew that restaurants will be packed with people. Thus, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate instead... Before aunt came to drive us there, she went to buy Apple Strudel for tea break... hahaha... Luckily she remembered to order the night before, or we will not be able to have such nice tea break... hahaha.... As usual, the adults played mahjong and us went to do our own things like gaming, reading, etc...

The fun part only arrived when it was about 8pm... The time we had our dinner... It was a sumptous meal... I took photos of the food that we had... hahaha... They were all yummy and nice.. hahaha... Although it may seem to be a very simple day, all of us enjoyed ourselves...

These are the photos that I have taken:

~~ My Drink~~
~~Shark's Fin Soup~~
~~Veggie with abalone~~
~~Prawn with cherry tomatoes~~
~~A table of dishes~~
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday rest day!!!

Today is 18th May 2008...Fine Day!!

I am so so so tired... Have been working for days straight since 21st April 2008 till now from 9am to latest 9pm a day... finally can rest at home... hahaha... Although tomorrow may be Vesek Day, I still need to report to work at SC at 10am to do our project final testing before the users can test for themselves...

Although these may sound quite unfair that I have to go back to work on a public holiday, I feel that it is also my responsible to help the team to at least finish our whole project nicely before handing the product to the client. I am left with the last week to work together with my team mates already... 我一定会想念他们的... 想念那些我们在一起同甘共苦的日子...那些一起快乐开玩笑的时刻... I really will miss them... hahaha... So I have decided to by hook or by crook I will get a photo shoot with all of them... hahaha...这么一来这些美好的回忆和唯一的经验就能永远的保存起来...哈哈...

I am also so so excited to get back to school to meet all my friends there to exchange our working experience during this 3 months of industrial attachment... hahaha... See you all soon!!!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

1st May - Labour Day

Today is 1st May 2008... Fine Day...

Today is Labour Day... So no work for me today as well as those working outside there... Hahaha... However, those who need to look after their stores will still have to work.. haha... so 可怜... I woke up about 10.30am today morning, took a bath and get myself ready for Dim Sum for lunch at Red Star... My cousin's mum treated 我们一家人 there for lunch... Finally I can rest for a day at home using my lappy to do my things.. hahaha...

I borrowed from my uncle a DVD - 功夫灌篮 to watch also... Quite nice...hahaha... So after that, watch HITO - 流行歌曲颁奖典礼... hahaha... I was so crazy that I just plucked in the microphone and start to sing along with the singers... hahaha... My mini concert... hahaah... Had dinner while watching 超级星光大道II... So nice.... hahaha... This is how I spent my day and am now posting on my blog to end the day... hahaha...

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