Monday, July 23, 2007

Presentation Day!!!

Today is 23rd July 2007...Cold Day...

Hello...Came back to blog again... hahaha.... Not much happen this days... Busy with studies, project and project... hahaha....Today is our class communication skills presentation... So took a few photos with some girls in my class... After presentation, went for java lab and had the mock practical test... Hiax... so Difficult to do... haha... Never mind lah... lolz... over is over... Do better in the coming real pratical test ba... hahaha... Den break time, while waiting and rotting for the next lesson, angie suggested we play Uno... Her uno so cute... Pooh Bear.... hahaha.... Took pictures too... Cuz my poor girl girl lose 2 rounds in a row... hahaha... Finally the last round she got to win...lolz....hahaha... kk...I go liaoz...hahaa...

Below are the photos:

Wei ying & Me
Ying & Me again!
Celine & Gen
Celine & Me
Me & Gen
Angie & Me
Celine & Gie
Gen with hearts in her hands
Panda & Ying
Nice flyer
But.. folded into hearts
Pooh Version Uno
Our cards
Sharon lose 1st round
Displaying all her cards in 2nd round
Lose in 2nd round
Wow, Finally win le!
Stay tune for more...=p

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Advertising Customized Shoes!!!

Today is 1st July 2007...

This is the second post today...This post here is to let all people out there... I wanna tell all people out there about my Kor Kor 's customized shoes... My kor, Shannon, is a very customized person. Why i say that??? He likes to customized shoes... hahaha...

He actually help people to customize their shoes as well... I am here to help him advertise about his customized.. All you nid to do is juz pass him the idea on wad you want for ya shoes, buy ya own white shoes(eg. sneakers) and he will help u customized ya shoes nicely and beautifully... After that, you will juz have to pay him money for workmanship.. Isn't that very great?? The customized shoes outside may be very expensive.. So, why choose to buy expensive shoes lehz??? hahaha... I am posting a few customized shoes that he had designed for his customers...

Below are the photos taken:

Very nicely done shoes rite??? So if you are interested in getting a pair of customized shoes too, you can tell mi yea...
Stay tune for more...

My Wonderful nice pair of Shoes!!!

Today is 1st July 2007... Fine Day!!

Hello, back to post again... Cuz the last week I having common test so never blog.. hahaha..busy studying.. Now, can relax a bit so blog lorz.. hahaha... Now at grandma's house blogging... keke..
OK... today post is actually on a new pair of shoes that was designed by MR. Shannon Eden..
I bought a normal pair of white school shoes and he helped mi to transform into a colorful designed customized shoes.. hahaha... Firstly, I provided him with wad i wanted on my shoes and he designed it for me... hahahaa... I gave him 2 pictures of Kuromi and My Melody. I suddenly start to like Kuromi so much. I find it so cute..

Kuromi & Melody
Then, from a plain pair of shoes,
My plain white shoes
It TURNED into a pair of customized shoes:
Designed by Shannon

So nice rite???? I like it so much... hahaha... Thanks to Shannon kor... Actually, today onli wanna post on this as it is the onli thing i can blog today... I never go out with Janice and Shannon today, as they wore gothic and lolitha out to Cineleisure there to see J-Rockers(if i didn't hear wrongly)... keke... my mum oso asked to me to go back grandma's house, so oso cannot go out... hahaha.... that's all for today ba.. hahaha...
Stay tune for more!!!