Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 牛 Year!!!

Today 27th January 2009... Fine Day!!!

Today is Chinese New Year Day 2... Wish all babes and dudes out there a Happy, Wealthy, Healthy and Lucky Lunar 牛 year!!! haha =D

No more visiting this year again as cannot... So only yesterday managed to collect a few red packets.. haha.. Woke up in the morning about 10am plus, got prepared and left house to pay visit to my dad's side relatives... After that, proceed on to my mum's side, which is back to my grandma's place... haha... collect a few red packets there, then after which we open a table to play blackjack... Didn't win much though.. hahaha... Playing with my cousins are real fun... We played from 4pm to about 6.50pm, then kept for the time being as all wanna watch the Little Nonya's 1-hour special show... hahaha...

After the show, we went to have our delicious dinner which is prepared by my aunt... haha... We had the chinese Yu Sheng and other nice dishes together with home-cooked Hainanese chicken rice... hahaha.... Not forgetting also my aunt's specialty, Mutton soup... hahaha... Super nice... hahaha... Then, we start our table of blackjack and a table with mahjong... hahaha... That ends the day of Chinese Lunar New Year Day 1... ^.^

Below are the photos taken yesterday:

That's me in my new wear..
Mum and Me~~
In the house~~
Me and Mum~~
Dinner Dish 1
Dinner Dish 2: Curry Prawns
Dinner Dish 3: Yu Sheng, 鱼生
Final Output~~

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Post in 2009!!!

Today is 1st January 2009... Fine Day...

Today is the first day of the new yea, 2009... So wishing all :


All stay healthy and happy~~~

For more updates, stay tunie~~