Thursday, May 31, 2007

Voice Out & Bandz Out!!

Today is 31st May 2007... Midnight now...

Haha... It's midnight now... And also Vesek Day.. hahaha.. Happy Vesek Day to all people out there... Back to blog about last week that i had spent in school... haha...We had set up a booth for VoiceOut event.. It is a singing competition to let the SIT students to show off their singing talents...

Haha... Wad's more??? Panda has become the mascot(sry.. dunno how to spell) hahaha.... We took turns to be at the booth so that people can sign up for it... Opps... Upcoming event oso includes Bandz Out... so I took some photos of the booth... Let's take a look at them...

Below are the Bandz Out photos:

Their event - Bandz Out
Their rocker

Below are the Voice Out photos:

Our theme - "Music Avenue"
Panda - The mascot
Our Event - "VoiceOut"
Our Flyers
Panda is singing!!

Our booth area

Our props - Traffic Lights

Actually that's all for last week... As it was a busy week... I had to hand in reports as well as proposal... hahaha... Happy Holiday!!

Stay tune for more!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Post on Labour Day!!! (Late post!!)

Today is 20 May 2007... Fine Day...

I finally upload the photos and found the photos that i took with Janice and Shannon on Labour Day... hahaha.... Although it's quite long ago de photos but I still like to post it.. hahaha...Actually that day didn't go out de, but Janice called and said that she wanna buy a bag for her work and school. So we headed down to Bugis to take a look... She wanted to buy an Emily Backpack but was some kind of stopped by me and Shannon... That's because the backpack was too big for Janice which makes her look like a small girl... hahaha... Den after talking to her, we decided to go to Pastamania to take a seat and have my dinner... hahaha... Den she think think after that she dun wanna buy le... Janice den suggested that we go back to AMK Hub to see see-look look... At first she wanted to get the same backpack as me, but after that Shannon and me told her to buy a bag which was very nice and suitable for her.. Which is a nice Sling Bag.. Big enough to put wadeva stuff she wanted to put... However, I didn't take photo of that bag... hahaha... Den,it was time that we set off home... Before that, Janice wanted to take photos together so that she can blog too.. So , we took some before going back home...

Below are the photos taken on tha day:

Me & my Shannon kor

Kor & Janice dear
So Cool Rite???
Cutie Janice in panda suit
Say cheeze!!
Me & Janice dear

Stay tune for more!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's play this game!!!

Today is 19 May 2007...Fine Day...

Erm... I dunno why i am been arrowed to play this game but nvm this is how it goes...

Rules of the game:-Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who got tagged must write it in their own blog and state this rule clearly. At the end of the game, list down 6 people to be tagged and NO TAGBACKS!!

1. I like black & dark coloured clothes. Usually buy clothes with that kinda colour..

2. I am a person who treasures my friends like princesses & princes..

3. If you happen to scold me for nothing, I will give you what you deserve..

4. My family do treat me like a princess, although I may not be one who is rich..

5. I am sometimes over-protected by my Mum till I do feel stressed (Cannot have BF now, study comes 1st)..

6. I can get very emo at times till I dun wanna talk suddenly..Sry to my friends if u kenna that from me suddenly..

7. I like pinky and purple stuffs all of a sudden..

8. I love my Dearest friend, Janice & Shannon kor kor (They also treat me like princess)..

9. I can onli stay up till 5am without sleeping, but after that I will sleep like a log..

10. My friend, Angie say i am a water tank as I cannot leave without water..

Now, Let's see who are being arrowed next:

1. Wei Ying
2. Sharon
3. Panda
4. Angie

5. Melvin
6. S.H.E (dunno who to arrow le..haha..)

Back to update again!!!

Today is 19 May 2007...Fine Day...

Hello... Back to blog again... Really sorry that i didn't update as i really dun have the time... With all those proposals and reports and written assignments to hand in, you can roughly guess how busy i really am... I dun even have the time to meet up with my dearest friend, Janice and kor kor Shannon... Really sorry yea... Today i finally found a bit of time to blog so i decide to post a bit of what i have been doing this few weeks... hahaha...

Actually, I have been doing one of my project which is to install a dual-boot system in 1 windows ba.... not very sure how i should say it... haha... den have to write the report... However, I still haven write it out yet... hiax... hahaha... Really dunno how to start... hiax... However, with all those busy stuffs coming along, i still have to eat my dinner too rite??? So, I went to have dinner with Wei Ying and Panda at Pizza Huts... hahaha... Took some photos of them as they were having some kind of games... That's because Ying ordered a regular pizza and she was too full by then and so she & panda had to play games in order to finish the last 2 pieces of pizza... hahaha... So funny, i sit down there and watch them play den take photos lorz... hahaha... I will post the photos as soon as possible as the photos are still in my phone, haven upload yet... hahaha... Ok... I shall stop here... need to go do wadeva stuffs i am still left with... Will update soon... btw, I wanna say that I really miss my dearest friend,Janice & kor kor Shannon... Hope to see u two soon yea... dun forget our outings to the zoo and kBox yea... hahahaha

Below are the photos taken:

An original pizza

A pizza decorated by me

2 pizza left, who to finish???

Panda & Wei Ying

Playing game, loser will eat pizza(Round 1)

Who lose?? Who eat lehz??

Panda - Round 1 loser

Who to eat again??? Hiax!!

Round 2 of game

Panda - lose again...

1 last piece.Who eat???

Round 3 of game

Wei Ying - Finally your turn to eat.. haha!!

Oops.. Still got bits of it.. See who eat ba...

Round 4 of game

Final loser is Panda... Poor Guy!!

For more updates, pls stay tune!!!