Thursday, July 07, 2011

Back to posting!!

7th July 2011... Gloomy day...

After a year plus, I'm finally back to posting. A lot had happened throughout the year ever since I stopped posting..

Recently, I have just completed my 22-weeks internship in a Bank. I not only gain knowledge of how processes are being carried out in the banking industry, but also widen my social circle during this internship.

The best present i get from this internship is none other than the important person in my life..

He is the most popular guy among all other male interns.. Humorous, friendly, cheerful, serious with his work are some of his properties... After the lion dance practice session, he said "Bye" to me. That's the first contact between us which starts this journey sailing.. He told me he started to notice me during the lion dance activity when I volunteered to be the drummer.. To him, I am different from the other female interns... From then, he made his initiative to talk to me and we get to know each other better.. Every activity we participated together piled up as our memories..

I still remember when we got to practice for our bowling competition.. Both of us, together with our friends, we went bowling together.. And, I broke my thumb nail while bowling.. Because he didn't know where I went, he followed and searched for me.. Passed me a plaster and was worried about me.. This was when I started to have feelings for him slowly... and before I knew it.. I have fallen for someone simple and caring like him..

Being a person who doesn't express herself well, he tries his very best to make me speak out my feelings and thoughts to him.. Little acts of him also made me feel so loved and protected by him.. I'm really thankful that he is making me feel special and different from others. I'm glad that I found him~

I wouldn't have know him if not for this internship which brought the two of us together.. It is really the most promising internship that I had... :)