Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Preparing of Christmas Already!!

Today is 30th September 2008... Fine Day...

Today will be last day in the moneth of September in 2008... Time seems to fly super duper fast... I went to work as usual... Today got a task to do early in the morning... That is to make up a gift basket for photo taking for the Christmas promotion... That's a bit difficult but yet fun... Got to arrange products nicely and also have to take note of the colour combination of the products... Cannot have too dark colours and also have to consider the main products to be placed in the gift basket... haha... After arranging the products nicely, I am also to decorate the basket with some christmas decorations... Finally, the gift basket is done:

After the gift basket is done up, I was given another kind of easy job but needs lots of patience and time to do... As my boss had gone to Thailand to get those Christmas decoration stuffs back, I am supposed to combine some parts together to produce the final product... It is to placed on the gift boxes for Christmas as well... haha... Take a look at the photos taken and you will know what I mean... hahaha...

Cinnamon stick

Fake Jagged Leaves
Combination of mistletoe and leaf
Final product
Tie the mistletoe and leaf to the cinnamon stick

The final product is done up... I have done about 1 full packet of cinnamon sticks of about 150 plus a bit more from the second packet of cinnamon sticks... haha... Isn't that a lot?? But is is rather fun~~ hahaa...

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Dental Appointment and Yummy Dinner Tonight!!

Today is 29th September 2008... Fine Day...

I woke up at 10am this morning to get myself prepared to go see the dentist near my place... To continue to deal with my 4 other decayed tooth... Poor me.. Must cut down on sweet stuffs and high protein foods... hiax... Just by dealing with this 4 teeth cost me $140 dollars... Actual price was $160, then I ask the dentist can give me some more discounts ma... haha...

After that, went to AMK Hub again with mummy to have our lunch and met up with Shannon to return him his installation cd... Mum met her friend and went to the bank together to settle some money stuff... Then we went to NTUC Extra! to buy some food and usable things... hahaha... Mum bought 3 flower crabs, 2 sets of sushi and kang kong vegetables to cook for our dinner tonight... Can't wait to taste how the flower crabs will be like!!! Super long never eat that le.. haha...

Brother was at home and he finished up one of his sushi set...After that, he helped mum to deal with the flower crabs... haha... I only know how to eat but I don't like to deal with crabs... That will be guys job then... So I took photos of them in the kitchen settling with the dinner tonight... hahaha...

Below are the photos taken while in the kitchen:

Me so lazy~~haha..
Brother cracking the shell
of the flower crabs
Look over here~~
Mum pouring the first coconut water
Brother pouring the second one~~
Kang Kong Vegetable
3 Flower crabs~~
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gathering at Kbox with my Colleagues!!!

Today is 28th September 2008... Fine Day...

I woke up as usual and was feeling excited already... Feeling excited to meet some of my colleagues during my attachment period... hahaha... After my breakfast, sat down in front of my laptop to continue receiving photos from Angie... Was with my laptop for the whole day till around 4.30pm... After some preparation, I get myself set off to AMK Hub to meet Min first as we decided to buy Kelvin a small birthday cake... After buying, we make our way back to the hub's arcade to meet up with the 2 guys, Kelvin and Terry... hahaha...

Terry was so good that he treated us dinner... While eating, we were all chit-chatting about how are we since the last time we had seen each other... There were laughters and also some part where me and Min were being "suan" by Terry... Kelvin didn't help but continue to finish his dinner... Funny guy sia.. haha... After dinner, we went to Kbox to have our kbox session... haha..We sang from 7pm all the way to near 12 midnight... I have to go home before 12 midnight, so all left with me, although the closing time was 2am... haha... I dunno why people can sing till 2am de lorz... haha...

Overall, it was a great gathering as there were laughter and fun... Hope more gatherings will come and make sure Ting also come along... hahaha... Next meeting will be for Min's birthday... hahaha... ^.^

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Connected" aka 《保持通话》

Today is 27th September 2008... Fine Day...

Today have nothing much to do at home, so wanted to get some more Genting trip photos from Angie... While waiting for those photos to download, Nick msn to ask me out for movie cause he was bored... Imagine I watched 2 movies in a row for 2 days... hahaha... I asked him what movie he wanna watched, and he told me "Connected"... I was a bit shocked as it is quite not him to watch Chinese triller movie... haha... So we went to watch that show at 4.15pm at AMK Hub... haha...

Movie plot:

A single father (starred by Louis Koo) receives a sudden distress call from a stranger (starred by Barbie Hsu). She claims she and her young daughter are kidnapped by brutal gangsters and begs him to save them. Caught in a difficult situation on whether to rescue this unknown person, his instincts tell him that he may just be the only thing standing between them and a painful death so he decides to help.

The movie is also nice to watch, but there are some parts I was a bit shocked by those loud sound effects... hahaha...After the movie, he sent me back home... hahaha... His car not bad wor... Just that why drive so fast... hiax...hahaha =D

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mamma Mia The Movie!!!

Today is 26th September 2008... Fine Day...

It was raining super heavy today... Till I don't really wanna wake up to go for work... But no choice, I still got myself up and make my way down to Jurong East to transfer to a bus to my workplace... On my way, my boss messaged me to tell me that she is able to pick me up at Jurong East... Thus, I am saved from the heavy rain... hahaha...

However, I only worked half day today as I do not need to work on Friday de... But since help is needed, I went down to work and earn some extra money... hahaha... Went off at 2pm... Original plan is to meet my mum to go for shopping, but she didn't inform me earlier that she has gone shopping with her friends... So we couldn't meet in the end... What to do then??? Suddenly have the urge to watch Mamma Mia! The Movie... So without any thinking, I went to the counter and bought a ticket for the 5pm show... hahaha... So crazy of me to watch movie alone right?? I just suddenly have the feeling to experience watching movie alone... haha... Not that bad wor... hahaha...

Ok... I am going to compliment on this movie man... It is super nice... The story background and the soundtracks by popular '70s group ABBA are all going so nicely... Everyone should go watch if you have not watch it...

Movie plot:

Meryl Streep leads an all-star cast as an independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island. Donna (Streep) is about to let go of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), the daughter she's raised alone. On a quest to find her father to walk her down the aisle, Sophie brings back three men from Donna's past to the Mediterranean paradise they visited 20 years earlier.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

21~23 Sept 2008 Genting Trip!!!

Today is 24th September 2008... Rainy Day...

Recently just came back from my Genting trip with some of my poly classmates...It was enjoyable... I really like going on a holiday so much till I have fulfill one of my dream which is to go on a trip with my classmates...

Day 1:

Woke up very early that morning at about 5am and went to meet up with Nicholas first downstairs my block, then with Wei Ying and Xue Cheng at the coffee shop... It was quite a pleasant journey up and soon at about 1pm, we reached Genting Highlands... haha... While waiting for our rooms, we took a group photo so that I can keep as a memory... Nothing much happened in Day 1 as half day was gone... We went to have our late lunch, followed by shopping... We actually planned to meet up with my another classmate, Angie... But, the coach that she took had a little problem so they arrived late... The four of us had our dinner at Pizza Hut, then met Angie and her friend... haha... We head towards the arcade which is near Angie's hotel.... played a few games and soon we all decided to go to Angie's hotel room to play some poker cards... haha... I think the biggest winner was Nick... Win all my money liaoz... hiax... Poor me =( haha..

Group photo: Nick and Me (front), XC and Ying (back)

Me and Wei Ying
Wei Ying
Nick, XC and Ying

Day 2:

We all had our buffet breakfast at the Resort Cafe in the morning, then after which we met up with Angie they all to take our cable car ride... hahaha...

Me and my beloved mummy (so happy~~)

Mum and her friends

XC and Nick at their breakfast table

Me and Ying on cable car

Nick and Angie

Me so 自恋

After the cable car ride, it was time we buy our outdoor theme park tickets... Waited for Nick to get back to change... Then, we set off for our outdoor rides~~

Pirate's Train On our way into darkness~~
Us on our Jumbo ride
Ying and XC on Jumbo
Nick and Angie on their Space Shot ride (so scary~~)
Up they go~~
Ying and XC
Nick, Me, Ying and XC
Group Photo: XC, Ying, Me, Angie, Nick and Tyng
Me and Ying on our boating journey
Angie and Tyng on the bumper boat
Some indoor rides

We met up with my mum and the other aunties for dinner at the Hainanese Kitchen Restaurant at 7pm to celebrate my mum's birthday... We shared money to buy her a small cake...

Mummy's birthday cake
Mummy cutting her cake

Day 3:

Woke up at 9am and get ourselves prepared for breakfast... Ate dim sum as our breakfast... Then went for a short shopping for some soveneirs... Half way, we all went separate ways... Ying and XC went on their own while Nick and I went our way... Nick wanna buy clothes so went shopping with him... Then, it's time for us to set off... Angie and Tyng came to send us off...

Ying cheeze!!
Me, Angie and Ying
Me and Nick on the coach bus

My Souvenirs:

My custom-made keychain

My exchange gifts from the games

My keychain and earrings

My Corkscrew photo

They are still lots of rides that I have not finish taking but I think I will not regret as those exciting and trilling rides I have taken...


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