Monday, March 31, 2008

My 19th Birthday!!!

Today is 1st April 2008... Fine Day!!!

Today is April Fool's Day... Yesterday was my 19th year old birthday... My family members help mi to celebrate my birthday on Sunday instead as yesterday was a working day for everyone as well as me... hahaha... The celebration was a last minute plan by my mum... thus, i was lucky enough that my aunt had baked a cream cake on Saturday...

Yesterday when i went to the office, my friend, Li Ting wished me... I was so happy that she remembered my birthday although we just knew each other through our attachment this year... Later on during lunch time, she and my another friend in the office treated me lunch at Han's and also a piece of strawberry cheesecake... I really thanked them for that.. It really make my day!! hahaha...

After work that day, went to meet my aunt to go home together... Was quite surprised that she bought me another black forest chocolate cake for me... She said that the cake she did wasn't quite good so buy me another better one... hahaha... So yesterday night I manage to cut another cake on my birthday itself... It wasn't tht bad after all.. hahahah...

Below are the photos taken on Sunday:

Cake baked by my aunt
Me and my cake
Making my 3 wishes
Bro and me
These photos are taken Yesterday:
My black forest cake
Me and my birthday cake
Making my wishes again!
I am going to blow my candle
Off goes the flame
Cutting my cake
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Super Star Virgo!!

Today is 23rd March 2008... Fine Day!!!

Back to post again... I just came back from my weekend cruise today... So was uploading the photos... Went with my family members and relatives... whahaha... It was a 3 days 2 nights weekend cruise to no-where and it was fun!! You WILL not believe it... During the time spent on the cruise, all me and my bro + cousin + relative did was to eat eat eat... hahaha... Buffet, Chinese, and Western food... Also took photos... I think i have gain a few KGs just like that... hahaha...

Our cruise is called the 'Super Star Virgo' or '处女星号'... It is the 7th and the largest ship among all the other previous horoscope ship... It has 13 storeys in it and many different places.. It also has an Activity centre whih consists of a Mahjong room, a Library, a Card room and etc... We can also borrow table tennis rackets and ping pong ball or basketball to play at the respective courts.. There is actually a lot of programs lined up too.. However, I don't think i will blog so much here... If you wanna noe more can ask mi.. haahha..

Below are the photos:

SuperStar Virgo
Group photo without me and Sandy
Group photo without Melvin & Sandy
Mediterranean Buffet
Me and JoyJoy @ the ship's
control room view

翻版 S.H.E
(Me, Sandy & Joy)

Mum on Motorbike @ arcade
Uncle on phone @ the arcade
Joy Joy
Melvin, Sandy's mum & Joy
Godma Auntie and Grandma
Mum and Grandma
Old kind of Phone
Jumping Melvin in front of Virgo logo

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

My working IAP!!!

Today is 6th March 2008... Cold Day...

It had passed 4 days of my IAP(Industrial Attachment Programme) so far... Not too bad yet as not much of work to do... hahaha... I pity my other friends who went for attachment... Heard from them that they worse than me... Although i already feel a bit sick for the first 3 days doing nothing but reading and understanding css... hiax... My job is to listen to supervisor and do what he says...

Today brought my laptop to work... Finally have something to do... Although it may look simple, it requires a lot of knowledge bout css and how it works... I nid to implement on the files given to mi... Psd file convert into HTML... hahaha... Also help to convert Videos to different kinds of format today.... It is nice to have something to do... hahaha... I also took some photos so that I can blog bout my workplace... It's not really completed yet... I will post as many photos as possible... hahaha...

Below are the photos so far for the past 4 days:

My Desk (sharing with my NYP friend)
Drawn by other poly attachees
Stamford House (opposite my office block)
Nice view!!

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My rebonding!!!

Today is 6th March 2008... Fine Day...

I am going to post about my hair... I did a rebonding on last Thursday... I finally did it... It's a birthday gift from Wei Ying, Celine, Genevieve and Sharon... hahaha... Thanks a lot...

Celine recommended mi to this auntie whom she always approach to for her own rebonding... So went to this auntie's house at 10.30am to do my rebonding... First, she washed my hair for mi, then apply some softener cream on my hair... She was very patient that she do it all nicely and neatly... I sat there for more than 2 hours to wait for my hair to soften down...Sit till my butt so tiring...Then, wash my hair again to wash away the cream... Next, it is the straightening process... She used the hair straighten and do it bit by bit... hahaha...Last step is to treatment my hair for bout 15 minutes...Wash it and it's done!!!! All this ended after 6 to 7 hours of sitting still... hahaha...

After that, we went to Toa Payoh to meet Genevieve... They had their oven-baked chicken with spaghettiwhile i had only fries for dinner... Cuz mummy got cook... hahaha... Went to shop for Celines's black pants while i searched for my Contact Lenses... hahahaha.... Moving on, they went to my house after that to have red bean soup... Chat a bit... Then, home they went... hahaha...

Below will be the photo before and after my rebonding:

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