Monday, June 11, 2007

Night Safari & Zoo Trip!!

Today is 11th June 2007... Fine day...

Today is the first day of my 2 weeks holiday. Nothing much happen today juz went to Beach Rd with mummy to get something for my brother. Then, we went to Suntec to have lunch at Swensen's and went shopping there... However, today's post will mostly be on the outing on the 9th June and 10th June. That's my Night Safari and Zoo trip together with Janice dearie and Shannon kor.haha...

On 9th June 2007, we went to Night Safari. Met up at around 5 plus after Janice lesson that day, took bus 138 all the way there. So excited to go there as it's my very first time going to the Night Safari. So happy to see Janice and Shannon oso, cuz long time no see them le. We chat on te bus on our way there and Shannon took some video of us in order to keep the precious memories. Finally reach there. Took a few photos at the entrance of Night Safari. I bought the tickets den we proceed on. Went in and went to wait for a 'Creatures of the Night' show. However, the sky went dark and it started to rain. All the other people including us have to get back into the shelter and the show for that slot was canceled because of the weather. but the rain does not start us from enjoying ourselves and we carried on with our adventurous hunt in the night. We took the path that led us into the rainforest. With the map in our hands, we went hunting for the nocturnal animals inhabiting 40 hectares of the dense secondary forest, Night Safari. Soon the rain stop and we were still excited in seeing all the animals. There are really lots and lots of species in there till I am not able to name all of them. As it is real dark in the night and nocturnal animals are not used to bright flash, we couldn't take much photos. After walking for quite long hours, we went to take the tram to go round the place. Some of the place is not allowed for walking so some animals are onli being able to see if you take the tram. The animals there in the West Loop of Night Safari are able to walk around, thus onli tram can travel there and not us walking and hunting on our own. haha... After the tram, we finally caught the last show which we missed previously. The show was really amazing. If you have the chance and have not gone there before, really can consider that as an outing. That's all for Night Safari on 9th June. I shall proceed on with our Zoo trip on the following day.

On 10th June 2007, we went to the Zoo. Met up at around 10am. This day, we can spent all our time there in the zoo without the need to rush not like Night Safari. However, the zoo is really very big till you need good planning in order to see all single animal in there.. haha...We were more excited and energetic on that day. Perhaps it's cuz we have enough sleep. haha.. We went to see all the animals and among all the animals, the animal that I most like is the White Tiger. They are so nice-looking with their white fur. They are the most rare animals that may extinct soon. For Janice, her favourites are Giraffe and Polar Bear. As for Shannon, his favourite is Elephant... haha...They went photo-shooting with the Orang Utans too.. I was scared of them so didn't take.. hahaha... We spent the whole day from 11am to 6.30pm. Den we went back to Shannon's house to pload the photos that we took... As well as the videos.. haha...Pictures speaks more than words, so you all out there can view the photos and try to get a feel out of them. haha..

Below are the photos taken in Night Safari:

Night Safari
Me & Shannon
Janice & Shannon
Shannon kor
Janice Dearie
1st Group photo of the day
The plane
Me again
Shannon kor, wads in ya mouth?

Below are the photos taken in Zoo:
Janice Giraffe (Eyeliner)
Janice with Eyeliner
Does this pic looks like
Janice is on a holiday??
Janice with elephant structure
Me with elephant structure also
Shannon also with elephant structure
2nd group photo
Me with Big Seal
Janice with Big Seal
Shannon with Seal
Janice (Looks like national geographic)
So cute!!
My car
Janice (wad u doing with my car??)
Shannon kor wanna sit??
Janice, no feeding ok!! (haha)
Showing the sign
Y sian?? Haven start wor..
Crazy Janice
3rd group photo
Cute Otters
Me & Janice Fighting
Hey, wad you 2 doing??
Dun eat Janice up
Y eat me up??
Aren't you scare of me??
My favourite - White Tigers
Do you know??
The tigers
Me with white tigers
Real tiger skin
Our trip transport
Shannon acting Initial D
Hippo & Me
Janice, giraffe & hippo
Y got people behind???
Hippo, Janice & Me
I am in Australia
Janice with Red Kangaroo sign
Janice in Big Shoes!!
Janice & Shannon
Me & Janice on "Jeep"
Shannon & Janice on "Jeep"
Big Bird
Janice with Big Bird
What are you pointing at??
4th group photo
Baboons - where???
Candid shot - What are they doing??
Africa display
Mr. Baboon
Mummy Baboon & Baby Baboon
Helping each other to pick lices
Janice enjoying her ice-cream
Lunch time over!!
Elephant ride
Elephants of Asia
Shannon feeding Me??
Janice - the elephant
Wads that?? - Elephant's skull
The longest tooth
Elephants are eating
Elephant ready to splash water
Having a spa??
The Elephant Show
Wow! Good Balancing!!
Backwards too!!
Getting ready
Elephant at work
Letting its trainer down from it
Elephant carrying log
Shannon's favourite - Cute elephant
Wow, carry log from water
Lifting up the trainer back onto it
Zoo Sign Board - Nice rite??
Me & Janice with Giraffe
5th group photo
Female Lion
Is this a deer???
Janice & Me With white seal Board
Janice with Penguin
Me & Penguin
Shannon & Me with Penguin
They are with the Orang Utans
What's this brid called??
Another one
Polar Bear
Polar Bear are very big & tall
Shannon has grown taller
Can you spot the snake???
Wow, so big!!
Green Snake
Black snake
Janice & Me
Janice & Shannon
Giant Tortoise
Janice & me on Giant Tortoise
Shannon & me on Tortoise
Little pony
The horse carriage
Janice and Me having ice-cream
Our Souvenirs - Giraffe, White Tiger
Thats all... Stay tune for more updates!!!