Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fun Day @ Shannon's place with Janice!!!

Today is 29 April 2007... Fine Day!!!

Hello... Back to post again... haha... so many days never post... ok.. First, i wanna start with how i spent my day today.. Today, met up with Shannon kor kor and janice dearie cum best friend at my bus stop. Den went to AMK Hub to have lunch... After lunch, i actually saw my mum, grandma and auntie at the FoodFare at AMK Hub.. Den noe wad happen??? Janice was so anxious(dunno izzit anxious or wad)haha... She actually ask mi whether my aunt got dun like Shannon a not... hahha... ahe said my aunt was like looking at Shannon for quite a few minutes... I told her that that's becuz my aunt hasn't seen Shannon for so long since the last trip she gave shannon and janice to Downtown East Escape together with mi, my brother & cousin... hahah... Den when i went back to Grandma's house to have dinner juz now, i actually ask my aunt ... And wad i told Janice was right... haha... So Really, Shannon & Janice : Pls dun feel that my aunt doesn't like u kk... haha... Juz too long never see u and u have changed... so that's why yea...hahaha...

Back to the story, after finishing lunch, we went to have a bit of window shopping at AMK... den soon after we set off to Shannon's place... As i need his help with my lappy's IIS installation... haha... While Shannon was dealing with my lappy, Janice & I started to take photos of ourselves... hahaha... so 'zhi lian'... hahaha... Shannon oso helped mi with my designing of the poster for the Sentosa trip as i am not so good in photoshop... The day end real soon as i had to go grandma's house to have my dinner... haha... Below i will show u some photos that mi and Janice took at Shannon's place...hahaha...

Design & done by Shannon kor kor

Me & Janice(I so Emo looking,haha)

Janice with her tongue sticking out!!
HAHA!! Becareful of mi yea!!!

YOU oso becareful of me!!!

Dun pull my precious hair, pls!!

Loving & Pretty Friends!!

Taken without me noticing it lah!!!

Say Cheezze!!!!!!

HAHA... I dun remember i put 2 twists??

Hey you, Can u twist too???

Pretty gals???

Natural Smiles!!!

That's all for today...Stay tune for new blog skin & more posts...

Monday, April 16, 2007

I am In Year 2!!!

Today is 16th April 2007...Fine Day...

Today is the 1st day of school day for mi in Poly Year 2.... Time really flys fast...I was so excited to go back to school to study as i didn't want to continue stone at home... However, after receiving my timetable, it put mi down a little as our breaks are really long... In between lessons, we have 2hrs of break... Realli dunno wad to do.. haha... However, coming back to school is a fun thing as it is also my freshmen's first day starting school... Seeing them all blur blur look.. haha.. so Funny!!!

Actually that's all for today... hahaha... Stay tune for more posts!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Reveal Of Orientation!!

Today is 9th April 2007... Fine day....

Hello... Today not much things happened.. onli went back to school and the seniors told us that we have to plan for the next 4 upcoming events...(Ex-V, VoiceOut, BandzOut and Phat Nite)... I am in the VoiceOut, which is a singing competition for SIT students... hahaha.... Thats all bout it...

However besides the above, I actually have just finished compiling my photos for the Freshmen Orientation 2007/08. I took lots of photos of my class freshmen as well as the OGLs of that event.. Although the 3 weeks of planning for this orientation was tough, tiring and rushing, we finally can say that it was a good bang ... It shows how we people can work together even we are from different diplomas... It realli show all the efforts that each and every one has put in... I really, and i think all other OGLs will oso want to see that the classes of freshmen get realli bonded together... Oso wanna see that there are united as a class...So, I shall proceed in showing u all the photos that i had taken on that day of the Freshmen Orientation 2007/08...

This is the class MIT0712 that I took during the Orientation:

Cheryl, Phyllis & Gayathri

Keith & Edwind

Vishal & Aaron
Hui Yi, Liu Rong, Gui Pei & Evangeline
Jack, Yi Bin & Marvin
Aaron, Why u hiding??
Queueing up before going into Auditorium
Are you all ready???
1st Class photo
Cheryl & Phyllis
Gals, look over here...
Aaron, Edwind, Keith & Vishal
Gals with Eugene
2nd class photo
3rd class photo
Nic, Me, Aaron, Ahmirah & Sok Fun
OGLs with Eugene
OGLs with Marvin
OGLs with Gui Pei
OGLs with Gayathri
OGLs with Cheryl
OGLs with Edwind
OGLs with Hui Yi
OGLs with Evangeline
OGLs with Jack(class rep)
OGLs with Phyllis
OGLs with Sharmila
OGLs with Keith
OGLs with Yi Bin
OGLs with Vishal
OGLs with Sylvia
OGLs with Liu Rong
Waiting to be release
Wow, so anxious to go home??
Below are photos taken with the OGLs of this orientation:
Joyce, Me & Ann
Lucinda & Me
Me & Sleepy Ying
Tommy, Me & Desmond
Ruby & Desmond
Ruby & Me
Li Wen. Ting Yu, Me & Hui Fang
Tommy (IC of MIT)
Tommy, me & Hui Fang
Tommy, Hui Fang, Me & Eugene
Fang & Me
Me, Sharin & Fang
OGLs of Class 0709
Me, Eugene & Fang
Wad is That Eugene doing??
Ann & Me
Joyce & Me
Wei Ying, Fang, Me & Sharin
Ann & Me
See, Hear & Speak no Evil!!
Me & Lucinda
The Medics
Ernie, Sharin & Fang
Me & Ying (Showing off our shirt)
Tommy & Fang
We & Senior Zaty & Yuan Ching
Luci & Me
Tommy & Me
Fang ,Me & Ying
Fang, Ying & Jade
Ying, Me & Jade
The Medics & Seniors Woo Sheng & Chuan Lim

The End!!

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