Saturday, November 10, 2007

1-day Malaysia farm Trip!!!

Today is 10th November 2007...Fine Evening...

Now, i am going to post on the Deepavali public holiday... Because of public holiday, my mum decided that our family members go on a trip to Malaysia Desaru to see the fruit farm, as well as the ostrich park... hahaha...

So, the night before went back to grandma's house to stay overnight. At 5.20am in the morning, woke up to get myself ready to set off for the trip. After the custom thingy, went for prata breakfast. Quite okie... juz that the ice milo there was so so sweet that may cause diabetes... Hahaha Joking... Then set off to Desaru.. On our journey there, we teenagers were all busy with our own stuffs like listening to music, take photos on the coach bus.Being zi lian... hahaha....

Finally reached the fruit farm. Paid the admission fee. Then went in. should have lots of fruits to see.BUT... Went to that place at the wrong season.. so not much fruits to see... Should go there like December... den got fruit fest ,so can eat as many kinds of fruits as eu like... that'swad they say... I oso not very sure izzit a not... hahahax...Went for seafood lunch...So full...My brother and cousins ate 3 bowls of rice.. hahax =p

Then, went to see ostrich at the Ostrich Park. At first we didn't reali wanna go in to see the ostrich,but cause my silly butter-finger Sandy cousin broke the big ostrich egg that they took out to let visitor see.So bo bian have to go see see... Not bad an experience as we see for ourself how they open an ostrich egg... It was said that the egg can serve about 15 persons.. Eu can see for yaself later as i took the photos of it... hahahx...After that, went to a shopping mall called Jusco... Very big shopping mall.. Bought a handbag.. Drank starbucks.. Ate waffers.. Brother never buy anything so black face and keep saying he wasting time... hiax... dunno wad he thinking oso... sick boii boii...Den went dinner...Ate chinese food... Quite nice... hahaha...After that set off again back home le...

Below are the nice pictures:

Sandy in her shades and cap

Me in cap & shades too!
Opps.. i forgot wad is this??
Dragon fruit tree
Dragon fruit
Incubator and ostrich egg
Traditional fish trap made from bamboo
Fishes fighting over food
Mum feeding fish
Jumbu on the tree
Mum eating something
Bunch of bananas
old old lamb ba..
5 beauties
Admission ticket Mum standing on Ostrich egg
Ostrich's skin
Opening of ostrich egg
Ostrich's egg yolk and white
Cocoa Plant & Fruit
Like modeling..hahax
Haha!! Punch eu..
Ouch!! Revenge by Sandy

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Cousin's wedding day!!

Today is 10th November 2007... Fine Day...

Today is one of my poly friends birthday...Happy Birthday to you, Nicholas.. Next, i am back to post bout few days ago events that had occurred... My cousin's wedding day...

Her wedding day was on the 4th November 2007...Went to her house very very early at 6am... Then waited for my cousin's photographer and her make-up artist for that day... Her sisters (JIE MEIs) oso came round 6.30am if i am not wrong... They prepared all kinds of games to play with the groom and his brothers... hhahaha... Realli funny... One of the games wad to ask them to drink fresh squeezed bitter gourd from the baby milk bottle... hahaha...

At bout 6.30am oso, my cousin finally got dressed up gorgeously with her make-up on.... hahaha... I find that she really look a bit like Jolin (a Taiwan popular female singer)... Took photos with her in her room... Soon, the groom and his brothers reached at the doorstep to pick his bride. However, it wasn't that easy to get my cousin. They played the games that was set up by her sisters... Because the story is really really too long to write all down... So, I shall cut short... Had our lunch, all elders get their tea ceremony done, then all went back home to get prepare for the dinner at Marina Mandrian Hotel... hahaha.... That's all... I shall post some photos that i took that day...

Below are the nice nice photos:

Chinese wedding praying display
Combing materials
Tea Ceremony thingy
Row of food(breakfast)
Combing ceremony
Pretty cousin Me & Cousin
Cover veil ceremony
Cousin & her Hubby
Roasted pig

So, after viewing the photos of my cousin, did you feel that my cousin has a bit of Jolin look??? hahax..
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