Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Anderson's Ice Cream!!

Today is 1st September 2009... Rainy & Cold Day...

Happy Teacher's Day!!! It is so long since I said that to my teachers 3-4 years ago... Just took photos while eating Anderson's Ice Cream with Wei Ying today after school. Had our lunch at Jurong Point...

Me with my mint chips ice cream
Ying and her cookies and cream ice cream

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My ART Pieces!!

This is the second postingof the day...Today is the second day of the 4th week in NTU. I just transferred some photos that I have taken during my ART lessons. Shall post it today. Our art "teacher" is Prof Kelly. She is a very nice and lovely art teacher I ever met. Although drawing is kind of difficult for me since I have not been drawing since 14.. Kind of a weird feeling to hold a pencil to draw. I am also trying all my best effort to catch up with my lectures and tutorials. Hope that everything will be smooth and easy for me...

Many things are to be carried out as well like dancing, driving sessions once I find my instructor and many many more!!! I shall go plan them well!!

Below are the photos taken:

3 drawings on the topic "Shoe/Shoes"
My favourite drawing of all!!
2 drawings on the topic "Food Display"
One of the ART ROOM in ADM
Some of my Course mates
Objects to sketch

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