Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Outing on Sunday with the Girls!!!

Today is 28th October 2008... Fine Day...

Went out to Bugis with Wei Ying, Celine and Gene on last Sunday to get Gene's birthday present... hahaha... After getting her present, we went to bugis street to shop... In there, all the 3 girls except me bought a top which are all nice... Too bad i didn't buy cuz of the size...hahaha....

Shop till bout 5 plus in the evening, we went to Novena Square 2 to shop cuz I nid to go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to pay a visit to my grandma who was admitted in... While shopping, we went to this store called PurPur... I saw 2 dresses and find them nice... Celine asked me to try... At first, I told her : "Cannot fit de lah..."... but she say: "Can de lorz... You go try..." So I went into the fitting room to try on the dresses... It happened that I could actually fit into them.. Thinking for quite some time before I decided to buy both of them... In that Shop, all of us got ourselves something... haha... So happy...hahaha...

On Tuesday, Wei Ying and me wore our new dresses to school... haha... Turn out to be so nice and pretty..haha.... So lame..

Below are the photos taken when we are in toilet:

That's me!!!
Wei Ying...

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Butterfly Lovers aka《武侠梁祝》

Today is 19th October 2008... Fine Day...

It's past midnight... I am still not sleeping yet... haha... Was browsing through the net for courses that are provided in various local universities... However, only NTU provides courses that are related to more of the IT side i guess... Besides the local uni, I also surfed for the overseas universities... I am not not if I know how I should searched them... Some universities like Harvard Uni, Oxford Uni or even Cambrigde Uni doesn't seem to have courses related to IT... It is also time for me to start planning what I reall want for my future...

Putting that aside first, I went to watch a movie with Ying on Friday... Because there were no lesson in the morning and the next lesson will only be starting at 4pm, we went to AMK Hub to watch 'Butterfly Lovers' aka 《武侠梁祝》... Quite a romantic and touching story...

Movie Plot:

Life is fleeting as the butterfly, beautiful yet transient. As legends has it, a pair of butterfly lovers reappears once more after having gone through three lifetimes of repeated pain and tears. This time, they find each other in the world of martial arts. Liang is highly skilled in martial arts and resides in the mountains. When his master tasks him to take care of Zhu, a girl from a wealthy family who disguises as guy to herself from revenge, it sparks off the painful journey that they must go through once again. Zhu's father, in order to pay the kindness shown to him, has betrothed her to a General Ma, although Zhu is in love with Liang. Love can fester into hate in some while in the selected few, it can lead to undying love that survives one lifetime after another.

It is really a very touching story... You will also be able to laugh your heart out in certain part of the movie... Go watch it~~~ hahaha...

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last day of Holiday!!!

Today is 5th October 2008... Fine Day...

Today is the last day of my holiday since August 15... Tomorrow will be the beginning of my second semester in third year...haha... All happens so fast... This will be my last semester in poly if everthing goes on smoothly... whahaha....

So, today actually met Wei Ying and Way Ne at Bugis to collect our new spectacles and Way Ne be there to make her new specs... hahaha.... We stayed there for quite some time as Way Ne needs to take her time to choose a pair that suits her... haha... After that, we went to Food Junction to have our lunch... But, Wei Ying and me didn't have heavy lunch or I should say a proper lunch as we had our breakfast quite late... hahaha... So, only took dessert... haha...

Soon after lunch is being settled, we headed towards Bugis street and also Bugis OG... At Bugis Street, Wei Ying bought a pair of jeans... Nothing much to buy from there... Thus, we headed to Bugis OG to have a feel of coldness from the air-con...hahaha... While shopping there, we decided to help Way Ne to change her usual appearance to a new one... We got her to buy a pair of three-quarter straight-cut jeans and a top to match... I bought 2 tops while Wei Ying bought 3 instead... haha... We all shopped till about 5pm in the evening, then went to take train back to Amk Hub while Way Ne went to Suntec to take a look at the Career Fair... So, we headed to different ways...

As tomorrow school is starting, I went to popular bookstore to buy some stationeries to get myself prepared.. whahaha... As we didn't have a proper lunch, both of us felt hungry by then... So we decided to have our dinner at New York New York... hahaha... After that, we all went home to rest as well as watch Superband Finals.... whahaha =D

Take a look at the photos taken today:

Me in my new pair of Specs~~
Me and Wei Ying
Me again~~
Ying girl girl~~
My beef steak~~
Ying's terriyaki chicken chop
Our dinner~~

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Last day at Work!!

Today is 3rd October 2008... Fine Day...

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Wei Ying!!! Hope she enjoys her day today with her ah boy... haha... Ok... I need not work today as usual... And school is starting this coming Monday... That means yesterday was my last day of working again... haha...

Last day's work was simple and I did it all by myself for the whole day... hahaha... Boss asked me to help her make up another 2 gift boxes and put some smaller bottles of honey into the pouch for photo-taking... haha... Then after that, I put those honey bottles containing the honey that I have poured into earlier on into the nice pouch... hahaha...

Work ended early yesterday at 5pm as I was going to meet Pearline and Wei Ying at Bugis to accompany my dear friend to make her new pair of spectacles... While choosing some designs, Pearline kind of persuading me to make a pair too~~ I also like the spectacles... So, resulting me also getting myself one... Because I also bought, the price we both were paying was indeed worth... Having branded specs at good price... haha....Dinner was on Pearline and we had it at V8... The food quite nice.... hahaha.... After all this, we accompanied Pearline in her car to send the last batch of order which is near my place in Ang Mo Kio... So, had a free ride home~~ haha...

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Morning exercise at Botanic Gardens & Visit to Istana!!

Today is 1st October 2008... Fine Day...

Hello... Today is the first day of the month October in year 2008... Today is also a special day... It's Hari Raya Pausa as well as Children's Day... Thus, almost everyone is having public holiday except for those working in the shopping malls areas... Haven being celebrating Children's Day for like almost 7 years... haha...

Because it's a public holiday, I do not need to work... So woke up early in the morning as usual and went to join my mum and the RC people to Botanic Gardens to do some exercise... haha... From 8am to 9am, we were at Botanic Gardens to have our morning walk and exercise... IT's kind of a good exercise in the morning, able to breathe in fresh air which are coming from the plants and trees... haha... I am also able to see some plants and also orchids... haha...

Me in front of a small waterfall

The National Orchid Garden

Orchids grown there
Mum, what are you touching???
Aloe Vera??


After exercising, we make our way to Ten Mile Junction's foodmore food court to have our free breakfast consisting of a pieces of kaya-butter toast bread, 2 half-boiled eggs and a cup of tea/coffee... Isn't that too full?? Yes, it really last me till now not having my lunch... hahah... Can wait for dinner tonight le.. haha... Also went to the Sheng Siong Supermarket there to buy some tibits as well as my facial form and stuff.. hahaha... Quite cheap there... haha... That's not all for the day yet... After breakfast and shopping at Sheng Siong, we make our way down to the Istana Negara to have a walk there... The Istana is actually opening for free admission today... There are many people at that place, be it local people or foreigners... haha...

Me standing at the entrance

Hey girl, twist~~

That's the Istana main office

Wow, nice flowers, Mum~~
Mum in front of the main office
Mum, you wanna fly??
Why I like to twist so much?? haha
Me and mum
Wow, so nice~~
Playing water??? Naughter mummy...haha..
Look at those waters~~
Me with the fountain~~
Twisting again!!!
Mum and the cannon
Mum and her RC friend

The day ended at 12.30pm.. Overall, it was fun and exciting because the RC organiser actually acted as our tour guide and told us some interesting stories when we were travelling from places to places... haha... Good job, man!!

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