Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Semester Results Out!!!

Today is 17th March 2009... Fine Day...

It is my second day working... Today is also the release of my final semester results... I am quite happy with it... Take a look at them:

IT3851 Real-Time : A
IT3852 Java : DIST
IT3853 Open Source : DIST
IT3867 Database : A
IT3872 Technopreneurship : B+
IT3873 Comm Skill : B+

GPA : 3.753
Increment of: 0.024

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Friday, March 13, 2009

All this will be over!!!

Today is 13th March 2009... Rainy and Cold Day...

For the past few weeks since I graduate, I have been slacking at home for quite some time.. Not that I didn't try my best to look and apply for job... It is because the world is having recession now.. Jobs are really hard to look for recently, not saying a position that interest me... But I do not know is it because of my luck being in the low state or what. All other friends of mine have clung themselves with a job position and already starting to earn some vacation allowance... I can't believe I am still slacking myself at home...

The everyday routine is repeated as if I am a machine... I wakes up everyday at around 10am, following by having my breakfast and lunch all at once while watching TV programs... After that, I will get back to my room, on my laptop and start using it till midnight ... Sitting in front of it for more than 12 hours.. What can I do with it for 12 hours..?? Surf the net, watch online taiwan dramas and play maple... All these are what I have done for the past weeks...

Sometimes, I am thinking why I am wasating my time like this... Maybe I should think of my future now... Or maybe at least get down with some exercise or travel around singapore and know this island from the beginning... Suddenly feel that I am standing on a rocking boat in the middle of the sea... Do not know where I am going or heading to... All this should stop right now before I get real deep in it...

I am quite happy now that at least I am trying to stop this and finally got myself a job position.. Thanks to my friend for referring me to this company.. Although money wise may not be promising, it is still a good job and experience that I can gain as much as I can from... Starting work on Monday.. Really hope I can get use to it as soon as possible and get along well with the new colleagues... hahaha... =D Good luck to me!!!

For more updates, stay tunie~~~