Saturday, February 18, 2012

ECP Cycling Day

18 February 2012. Night.

Back to posting again.. This is my very first post ever since 2012 started. Anyway, today was a fun day filled with excitement and laughter..
A gathering with Wei Ying, Sharon, Xue Cheng and my darling was always what I wished to have.. Indeed, it realized. We went on a cycling trip at East Coast Park. Tried a new bike rental store.
The most amazing event that happened was that i was shocked by Xue Cheng's driving skills.. We went ups and downs to reach East Coast Park, petrol station and Serangoon Nex.. We were kind of lost along our journey.. However, it was fun to be together.

The weather today wasn't good as it rained rather heavy and we only managed to ride for an hour. Most of the time we were searching for shelter and hiding from rain. In the meantime, we also took a few polaroid photos with Ying's polaroid camera. Really nice and fun~

Had our late lunch at Serangoon Nex HongGuo.. Our favourite zhaopai noodle and fried pumpkin with salted egg. We were so hungry till we concentrated and gobbled the food up.. Also had a small chat about our past poly days. So nice to reminisce the past.. Then, I headed to darling's home to have some personal time spent with him since the week was a hell week for him.. He didn't have the time to meet me as well as celebrate our very first Valentine's Day. 

Although it was rather disappointing but i can understand that his school work is taking up his time.. But till today, I still don't get my prezzie... Because he got no time to wrap~ haha.. Please give me my prezzie soon, Darling~ Can't wait any longer to see what you bought for me.. A mysterious gift you have for me~ Hope we got more time soon.. :D