Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Workplace!!!

Today is 5th April 2009... Rainy day...

This is the second post I am going to post today... While posting the first post, it was still sunny... The next moment, it is turning into a rainy day... What I am going to post now is the photos I taken for my workplace desk... hahaa... On friday, I was rather feeling sleepy after lunch while I still have to work... So to relax myself a bit, I took some photos of my desk... haha...

Firstly, I have a corner with my birthday card drawn by Genevieve and also an aread where my sweets and drinks are... Next to it is the company laptop that I will be using for 3 months... haha... I always have running nose as the air-con there can be rather cold... And there is always a fan blowing behind me... So I bought a packet of tissue paper... It is so cute... Has tweety, bugs bunny and other characters on it.. Whahaha....

My corner
My Mug and Sweet container that contains all kinds of sweets
My Looney Tunes tissue paper pack

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My 20th Birthday Celebration!!!

Today is 5th April 2009... Fine Day...

I finally found some time to write my blog and post on the events that happened recently... Firstly, in the month of March, there are 3 people that I knew having birthday... There are Su Fong, Shannon and MYSELF!!! hahaha... Happy Belated Birthday to US!!! Serena and I decided to make up a present for Su Fong, our best friend... So Went to kbox one day on Thursday... It was the Ladies Night, so both of us had another free cocktail drink... Of course we went to have the non-alcholic drink... It contains 3 different levels of colour combination... So I took a photo of them.. haha...

Our non-alcholic cocktail (I think is peach flavoured)

Secondly, I am going to talk about how I celebrated my 20th Birthday this year... On my chinese birthday, mum brought me out for dinner at Sumo House for simple Jap food at AMK, as I got to work so met up at AMK Hub after work.... After our simple dinner, went to NTUC to see what we can buy for the next day dinner.. hahaha... Then mum ws so good to buy me just a small cake to celebrate ... Although it is small, but precious... hahaha... Bought a Hello-Kitty chocolate cake which is just enough for me and mum....

My Hello-Kitty Cake

As my birthday falls on the 清明节 period... Mum decided to celebrate with me and the family earlier by 1 week on a Sunday... We went to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Serangoon Country Club to have a lunch session... My Strawberry cake is also brought there... There were 3 groups of people celebrating birthday too... haha... However, my cake photo is still with Cousin Sandy... She still got no time to send me...=p

Birthday Girl~~
My Birthday Hong-Bao Money
A Blue Flower from Cousin Sandy

The day before my birthday, I went out to Plaza Sing to meet up with Li Ting and Li Min fro dinner, also to celebrate my birthday... hahaha... They treated me dinner at Ichiban Sushi... They also bought me a GUESS wallet which I really like it so much... They are really so nice friends... Really thank them for remembering my birthday, although we are just friends whom known during our industrial attachment...

My GUESS Wallet
Nice Wallet~~

Next, on my birthday, Genevieve drew a birthday card for me... It contains Rainbow, 5 of us and my name... So I pasted it on my workplace desk... haha... Show off awhile...=D We went to Yishun after work to meet up with Wei Ying and Sharon to watch the DMC at 7.05pm... Wei Ying and Sharon gave me a birthday card and a Disney badge that they bought from HK Disneyland... hahaha... We also had Swensen's for our dinner... Sharon and I ate baked rice while Wei Ying and Genevieve ate Fish&Chip and Sambal Fish respectively... hee hee...

Gene's Art Work
My Birthday Card from Wei Ying and Sharon
The Disney Badge

After dinner, we all went home... Alan met me up downstairs his void deck to pass me my birthday present... Alan is my primary school friend who leave some 2 blocks away from me... We used to write letters to each other after we went to different secondary school... hahaha... Quite a nice guy =p He bought me this Safety Pin brouch with my nickname as a gift, as he saw my wishlist on my blog on Bling Bling stuffs.. haha... So thoughtful... Thank you very much... =D

Alan's gift to me

Thats all for the past events that happened... Finally, finish posting... Whahaha...
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