Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day of the month July!!!

Today is 31st July 2008... Fine Day...

Today is the last day of the month... Time flies fast ya... 17 more days and my agony will soon end... Ahead of me is the relax and fun holiday which I have been hoping for... Since year 2 in NYP end till now, I can say that I do not have enough rest and time to do my own stuffs...

Although I have been planning for many exciting activities for my holiday, I am still always feeling that I may be thinking too early... FYP hasn't end and I am already thinking so far ahead.. hahaha.. I will just have to strive myself harder for my project and clear this hurdle soon and fast... Having headache this morning but still got myself up from bed and came to school... Although till now I have not started working on project, my heart seems to tell me that I am so so tired of all this...

Wanted to go home but when the project issues flashed over my mind, I couldn't get myself up and just go home to rest..My mind keep telling me, "You have not finish your project, faster think of solution to solve your problems!!!"... I do not even know what I am talking now... Guess I am just too tired...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A happy and wonderful family dinner

Today is 22th July 2008... Fine Day!!

Yesterday was Li Ting's birthday... So Happy Belated Birthday!! =p

Also, yesterday was the day my aunt kept her promise and that was to treat the whole family to dinner since all my cousins got their degrees and the kids having good results... That promise was awaited for quite some time.. hahaha... One of our relatives also came to Singapore for visiting from New Yolk... So, my aunt decided to ask them all out to have a family bonding dinner all at once...

So we had our family dinner at Vienna International Seafood Buffet Restaurant located at United Square... Everybody came from different places due to it's a working and schooling day for everyone... So I met up with mummy and brother at the Novena station. We were still early at that time, so went window shopping... At about 7pm, we then head towards the restaurant... Waited for the rest to turn up also... After everyone turned up, we all then went to get our food~~~

Speaking from the bottom of my heart, the food there not bad, nice and service also quite good... hahaha... I don't even have enough time to try all the food there... hahaha... Took photos of every food I took... hahaha...

Take a look at them:

My Buddha Jump Over the Wall
Sharks Fin Soup
My Appetizer
Dory fish and Lamb Chop

with black pepper mushroom sauce

My brother's appetizer
My Lime Juice
Another plate of mixed food
Guess what is this??
Inside this teapot is actually soup

Juices in Test tube
Cocktail and red wine

My dessert
The "Elderly" table
The "youngsters" table

Look like one family right? haha..

Hahaha!!! Really had a very nice and warming dinner... I still remember when I was young I went to New Yolk and stayed in this relative house... hahaha.. Really nice!!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A walk into the parks!!

Today is 20th July 2008... Fine Day!!

Everyday seems like a normal day... Thus, today also nothing much happen to me in life... Yesterday went outing with my mummy and a group of RC members, uncles and aunties... Mum told me that there is this walk at the Hort Park, Kent bridge Park and etc... Took a coach bus to the Hort Park..

A short discription here and some photos of the flowers there:

HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is a knowledge hub for plants and gardening and provides the platform for the industry to share best practices and showcase garden designs, products and services. This 23-hectare regional park in South-Western Singapore is also a park connector, connecting Telok Blangah Hill Park to Kent Ridge Park.

After the Hort Park, we all went ot walk the Alexandra Arch, another link that looks like an opened leaf across Alexandra Road...It continues to Forest Walk, which is made up of an elevated walkway for pedestrians and earth trail for cyclists through the secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill Park. It is one of the connections between the parks...

Another link: Henderson Waves - Singapore's highest pedestrian bridge - spans Henderson Road to connect Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park.

The ending point was at Mount Faber Park... Near the Habour Front MRT station... It took us about an hour plus to finish the whole walk... After that, went up the coach and head towards our next destination, Lau Pat Sa (老巴刹) to have our dinner... It was a bit disappointed as it suddenly rain and we couldn't really see the fireworks that were put out during the National Day rehearsal... However, overall was a quite fun day!!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fighting with the crabs!!!

Today is 13th July 2008... Fine Day...

Suddenly feel that time flies very fast... Four more weeks and it will be the end of my FYP and I am still struggling for my project... I am trying to get myself prepared that I will nt be having good sleeps soon as I may be doing my project during the night... But my laptop is giving me a problem now.. I do not know if it is the configuration problems or what.. I just couldn't debug my page... It will have HTTP 500 Internal Server problem which I do not know the reason behind it... Not sure if it is my laptop's congifuration problem... Wanted to settle down today to see through my project and see if something can be done... But with this problem, nothing can be done today.. Guess I have to crack my head tml...

I am now at my cousin's house... It seems like it is a Sunday routine, as we will go to her house... Adults will play their mahjong and 'kids' will do their own stuff... After which will have dinner together.. haha... Yesterday, mummy didn't go back to grandma's house... So, she decided to cook at home.. This can be said that it has been a long time since mummy will cook dinner on Saturdays... Usually, my brother and I will have to pack food from outside.. Yesterday was a change... haha...

Mummy went to AMK NTUC to shop for the groceries she will need for our dinner... She decided to buy some crabs and cook a slightly spicy crab for us and also have rice with roasted duck... After coming back from her shopping, ate our lunch and I went to the kitchen... Mummy was washing the live crabs in the basin... hahaha... Can you imagine bathing the live crabs??? But of course, the dangerous pincers are all tied up... hahahaha... After putting water in the basin, the crabs are all resting in it... Then we went to watch our TV program "综艺大哥大"...

I was suddenly kind of thirsty, so went to the back to get a glass of water... I was shocked!!! One of the crabs crawled out... I quickly called mummu for help... hahaha... Do not know the reason how that crab's string can be kind of loosen... so the pincers were actually freed... OMG!!! How do my mummy catched it??? It is so so dangerous...

Let's see how my mummy do it:

After a while of fighting with the crab, it was stabbed by my mummy's knife...
Killed by my mummy
Half died crab
Other crabs in that basin
OMG!! One crawling out again!!

After that, my mummy just placed the crabs in the plastic bag and put them all to sleep in the freezer... Live crabs sleeping in freezer... hahahaha... I was shocked at that moment, not knowing what to do... Luckily mummy was there... :D

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Different sides of the sky!!!

Today is 10th July 2008... Cold Day~~~

Nothing special happened today but I felt stress all over me... Sometimes, I really felt lost and blank, having a feeling that why have I become so slow in my thinking and become stupid... I couldn't force any thing out from my brain despite thinking for so long and hard... Am I really giving myself too much stress?? I really do not know... Having seen those project students in my room are all soing so fine except me...

The day seemed so long before I could actually stop thinking about my project for awhile... While walking back home from MRT station, I kind of found something quite interesting... Looking up upon the sky, I saw two different sides... How should I put it?? Hmm... It was half dark and half bright... As photo speaks clearly than words, I took a photo out of it:

Then, I was lucky to reach home before the rain came pouring down... Another interesting view from my room's window... The other side of the MRT track was misty and pouring heavily, while my side was just starting to drizzle...
But soon, the rain was coming towards my direction....So misty till Icouldn't see the nice view from my room... whahaha :D
After seeing till here, it does not just end like this... The moment after I came out from the bathroom, I saw the bright side coming out again~~~ And... The dark clouds was blown to the another side...

Isn't this interesting??? hahaha... Seems like the clouds are so heavy till they are 'flying' so low... keke ^_^ These photos were taken using my brother's phone, but was not a good experience to get them from him.. Kind of fighted for these photos~~
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

5th July 08 CLass Gathering!!!

Today is 9th July 2008... Cold Day ~~~

It is very cold today as it was raining this morning... Today as usual went to school but was feeling really tired... Also, I had my project accessed by a few lecturers and more will be coming for the next two days~~ Till now, then I have a bit of time to actually post on our class gathering cum BBQ which was held last Saturday, 5th July 2008...

It took about 2 to 3 weeks to actually plan this gathering as we are all in different classes and also modules.. Thus, it really seems difficult to come out together for this gathering... We all planned to have bbq and also cycling session during the weekend...So, the day had come~~~

The day before the gathering, I made an appointment with those who are interested in having lunch and cycling together... Apparently, only the girls are kind of interested as only 2 guys are able to make it but were too 'shy' to join us... So, we girls met up at pasir ris to have lunch at Pasta Mania and proceed to the park to cycle.

My set lunch
2 plates of Chicken bolognese & 1 beef bolognese pls??haha ^_^
Wei Ying & Sharon

However, the weather was kind of turning grey... Therefore, we waited a while and slowly the weather changes to better... After renting our bikes, we went cycling... As Sharon do not know how to cycle, she and Wei Ying rented a double seat bike... hahaha...It was really fun to cycle together... Wei Ying was super good, she can take photo of me cycling next to her with one hand... Really good sia~~ After cycling from one side of the park to the other end of the park, we went to have a short play at the playground...

We played swing, slide and a sorcer kind of plate... hahaha...We cycled for about an hour plus and met Angie, Panda and Eugene at the bbq pit coincidentally... We continued to cycle half a round... Back to the pit and saw Benn coming towards us... Continued to cycle, but this time when we went back to the pit, the guys were no longer there... They also went to the nearest bike rental shop to rent bike. haha... Panda also do not know how to cycle... So, he and Eugene also share cost on the double-seat bike... haha.. We cycled for another 1 hour plus till almost 6.30pm before returning the bikes... It was tiring but fun..

Wei Ying took me when I was cycling next to her

Ying, Celine & Gene on the slide

Me and Sharon on our bikes

Celine on sorcer
Me on sorcer
Ying on sorcer
Celine and Gene
Gene and Celine
Ying and Panda
Nice view of sunset

After cycling, we waited for our bbq stuff t arrive before starting the fire... hahaha... Everything was nicely prepared and we only need to bbq them.. hahaha... Happily we ate the food till a very late time.. hahaha...Reached home was like 1am in the morning.. But lucky Eugene sent a few of us back home... There wasn't anymore transport to get back home except for cab.. hiax~~
Wei Ying helping us to bbq the food!!
Some of the food that we ate
Done by Angie
Wei Ying, Me and Sharon

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