Friday, February 08, 2013

First post of Year 2013

8 February 2013. Sunny Day.

After so long, I'm back to post my first post for the year of 2013.

For the few months, I was busy with school exams & fyp. And now busy with work after graduation. Finding a job was really difficult for me. Especially when you want to find a job that you will like and suits you. I definitely experience this. Today is my last day of work in this company which I'm working for the past 8 months.

After the Lunar New Year, I will be reporting work in HSBC Bank. Really looking forward to my new job in the new year. However, things are usually not smooth at first. I keep getting the feel that my boyfriend giving the wet blanket in the jobs I find. Although this is a contract job, different from permanent ones with good benefits I suppose, I think I shouldn't ask too much and just grab the job first. Learn as much as I can in the year and gain experience.

Just yesterday, when I told him about the job position, he immediately said things that gave me a feeling of "Why your job position so weird one? Are you sure of the job scope? Which department is it under? blah blah blah.." I really don't expect much from my boyfriend. But really hope he gives me the support that I really need now...

Anyways, it's going to be Lunar New Year.. The Snake year in 2 days time.. Let this year be the fruitful one...

Happy Snake year!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling Disappointed..

14 April 2012. Night.

Today is Black Day. Not sure if this is the reason why I am feeling disappointed with someone. I'm getting rejections when time goes by. Is this how one should treat me? Being very good at times and giving excuses at times.

Sometimes, I really hope you can read this blog and get some thinking going. All I ask is you being automatic at times and not always me telling you what I want. You should feel it.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

ECP Cycling Day

18 February 2012. Night.

Back to posting again.. This is my very first post ever since 2012 started. Anyway, today was a fun day filled with excitement and laughter..
A gathering with Wei Ying, Sharon, Xue Cheng and my darling was always what I wished to have.. Indeed, it realized. We went on a cycling trip at East Coast Park. Tried a new bike rental store.
The most amazing event that happened was that i was shocked by Xue Cheng's driving skills.. We went ups and downs to reach East Coast Park, petrol station and Serangoon Nex.. We were kind of lost along our journey.. However, it was fun to be together.

The weather today wasn't good as it rained rather heavy and we only managed to ride for an hour. Most of the time we were searching for shelter and hiding from rain. In the meantime, we also took a few polaroid photos with Ying's polaroid camera. Really nice and fun~

Had our late lunch at Serangoon Nex HongGuo.. Our favourite zhaopai noodle and fried pumpkin with salted egg. We were so hungry till we concentrated and gobbled the food up.. Also had a small chat about our past poly days. So nice to reminisce the past.. Then, I headed to darling's home to have some personal time spent with him since the week was a hell week for him.. He didn't have the time to meet me as well as celebrate our very first Valentine's Day. 

Although it was rather disappointing but i can understand that his school work is taking up his time.. But till today, I still don't get my prezzie... Because he got no time to wrap~ haha.. Please give me my prezzie soon, Darling~ Can't wait any longer to see what you bought for me.. A mysterious gift you have for me~ Hope we got more time soon.. :D


Monday, August 29, 2011

Too busy to post

29 August 2011. Night.

It's near to almost a month ever since my last post. I have been so so busy till sometimes I feel like giving up what I was doing. I am very lucky to have my darling with me. Giving me all his support and asking me not to give up.

A little message like "Darling, jia you ok!" gives me a push to continue with my school work. We didn't get to see each other that often like before but still we will care for each other through different mediums. Enjoyed the run with him yesterday morning as well as dinner at Pizza Hut.

Finally, little results shown up after the months of running and exercising.. Thats so good!! :D

Okie. Time to continue with my heavy workload~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

HTC ChaCha & Fireworks~

31 July 2011. Sunny.

According to the Weather Forecast, it should be having Thunderstorm. However, the weather is super hot making me feel dizzy. Currently at my grandmother's house posting a blog post. Today is the last day of the month July. Nothing much to do, so decided to come back for dinner and have a small bonding session afterwards.

Yesterday was considered a tiring but fun day. In the morning, I went jogging around my home circumference and did some arm exercises with Eric. Played a little basketball with him, then went home to rest. After lunch, head over to his home to help him with his new ChaCha.. YES! We went to re-contract our mobile plan and bought the new HTC ChaCha together~


Then, we head over to City Hall, walked over to Marina Square, got our Mac dinner and to Esplanade area to watch the NDP Preview and fireworks. We planned to watch it at Marina Bay Sands, but was rather late and all the roads are blocked. We were considered really lucky to get a good view spot and managed to watch the water performances, fly pass of the air planes and fireworks.

NDP Preview Performance Highlights
Fabulous Fireworks