Sunday, January 06, 2008

My 2008 Resolutions!!

Today is 6th January 2008... Fine Day...

Wow, so fast time flies and it is already 2008... Hope that all my friends out there had enjoyed the last night of 2007... Wasn't able to celebrate the last day of 2007 with my friends as was pulled to my cousin's house to celebrate... lol...

So wad are my 2008 resolutions:
  1. Get good grades for my Year 2 and proceed on to Year 3 in NYP.
  2. Turning 19 this year... In March... Hope to be a better person and try to have more topics with my friends.
  3. Be the best of best friend and godsister to Janice and Shannon.
  4. Shannon and his friends can graduate with flying colours...
  5. Janice can stay happy and enjoy wadever she does..
  6. Hope parents will understand me and my brother more.
  7. No more quarries with my brother and stay peacefully.
  8. Hope my friends out there are all fine and doing well...
  9. Hope can have a bf..haha...
  10. Most importantly, my family members, friends and me can stay healthy and happy always!!!

That's all the things I can think of now... lol...whahaha...

Genting 2007!!!

This post is going to be on my trip back to Genting again... Went to Malaysia for 5 days 4 nights for holiday... That's a long one... Not onli Genting, I also went to KL with my family... It was fun for all of us, i Guess... Especially the adults... As they can spent all their time in the casino... They realli did... We, "kids" had been going through the on-time-on-target days in Genting... Play on our own... Eat on our own... Hahaha.... So ke lian rite??? That goes for the first day as we reached there about 2pm.. Check in hotel and rest awhile... After that, we went to the 1 and only shopping area which is located at the hotel we are staying... So quite convenient for us... However, we went all round and round but nothing catch our eyes... So went back to hotel to rest and play our portable game console...

The second day, we woke up at bout 8am and went down to have breakfast at a Hainan Restaurant... I had a Hainan breakfast set which consists of a toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and a cup of tea... hahaha... I ate very full so that wun get hungry that easily.. Cuz going outdoor to enjoy ma... hahaha.... So after breakfast, went to buy outdoor theme park tickets.. Said bye to the adults and off they go to casino and we go enjoy outdoor facilities...The queue outside was so long that we queued almost 10 minutes for each ride... but it was fun as I got to take some interesting and scary rides... hahaha... First time can take such nice rides... Played from 10am to 7.30pm... So long hours... whahaha.... Fun lehz... Den went to meet our parents for dinner together.. Thought will have some nice food... BUT... ended up in food court... omg lor... hahaha... thought will have buffet or something nice... lol... after dinner, parents went back into the casino and we went to play the indoor theme park... hahaha... our stamina are so so good.... not tired at all... We played all the way till 1am which is the time they ended all the indoor rides... lol... Too bad for my Sandy cousin not being able to have her Starbucks Mocha Frap... cuz closed liaoz... haha... Den we went back to hotel, get ourselves cleaned up and continue to play our consoles and watch TV programs... We were all still very freshed in mind... lol...

The third day at Genting was the last full day before we go to KL... So, we "kids" slept till 12noon then went down to have our breakfast cum lunch at Burger Kings... After that, we went to do our final shopping to get our gifts for ourselves as well as friends... hahaha... we were so busy with each other stuffs...Dunno wad to get for our friends...Choose and choose... Ask for each others' opinions... lolz.... We shopped till bout evening time den went back to our room, get washed up and ready for dinner... Had Bak Kut Teh for dinner... hahaha... so Nice lor.. Den went back to shop again...Trying to think whose present not bought yet... Last minute shopping can be fun yet tiring... hahaha... That's end the third day...

Next day, before heading down to KL, I took photos of the Genting landscape and other stuffs as well... Down to KL took us bout 3 hours... So we joked and laughed on our mini coach... Reached the KL Cititel Hotel which is near shopping malls... checked in and down we go again to shopping.... Shop and Shop and Shop... till dinner time... We were brought to a Si Chuan Restaurant ba... The first dish was shark fins soup but it was so so spicy that it cause all of us to become gluttons... Cuz eat lots of rice and veggies and many more... I drank lots of water... so nice but hot... hahaha....Enjoyed myself a lot.... So that's all i can post... It seems so long... whahaha... Enjoy reading!!

Below are the photos during the days in Malaysia:

Me so "zhi lian"
So cool!
Joyce & Sandy
The Spinner
Roller Coaster in mist
Energizer in the mist
Wow.. Look at the thick mist!!
Melvin with dino
Indoor Ferris Wheel
Nice Christmas Deco
Me, Sandy & Joyce
Ginger Bread Man
Sandy, Me & Joyce
Genting Highlands landscape
Christmas gift from Joyce
Star Keychains
Nice colours
My Shiny pencilcase
My Bangles

I enjoyed myself very much and I hope that I can go back to Genting again with my friends...
For more, stay tunie~~

Christmas Eve & christmas day Celebration!!

Ok.. I shall post on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself before i go on with the Genting Holiday post... Whahaha....

Have a lot of photos to share with you guys and gals out there... hahaha.... On the 24th December 2007, it is Christmas Eve. So as usual went to Sandy cousin's house to celebrate and have a feast. whahaha... Have a mini chocolate fondue too... ahahah... So Excited!! And oso... My friend Yun Xie's Birthday... hahaha...Happy birthday!!! So, Shannon,Janice, Yu Shan and mi help him to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day. Had fondue and food too at Shannon's place. hhaha... After having lot of fun, tim really flies fast that I need to make a move first.. So went off with Janice as it was late for her too...

Below are the pictures:

Nice Christmas Cup Cakes!
Marshmallows for Fondue
Wafers for Fondue
Hershey's chocolate chip to
make chocolate Fondue

Mini Pot used fo Fondue
Prawn salad instead of Lobster!! Ham & Sausage Platter
A table of Food!!
Candlelight Dinner
Yun Xie's birthday
Me & Janice
So pretty rite?? Whahaha...
For more, stay tunie~~