Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dance, Subaru!

Today is 30th May 2009... Fine Day...

It is the second last day of the month, May... Yesterday, Serena asked me if I want to go watch Dance, Subaru! with her today at Orchard Cineleisure at 1.30pm...It is kind of a outing which is organised by the SKITH fan club, I met her today at around 10.50am and headed down to somerset... We went to have Long John Silver for lunch and also met those FC people there... So collected our tickets and goodie bag.. Too bad we are not the lucky ones to have the lucky draw... After lunch was still early, so went over to HMV to take a look...

At around 12.50pm, we head back to Cineleisure and went to buy our drinks, popcorn and nachos... The whole theatre was filled with people... The movie started and it is really not a bad one... It is touching, funny and nice... Really no regrets of watching it...


Adapted from a popular Japanese manga (comic book) of the same title, Dance Subaru! is a motivating tale about the self-realization of a young ballerina under adversity. Subaru tells the story of genius ballerina Subaru Miyamoto with a special emphasis placed on the harsh training she undergoes and the immense social and psychological pressure she experiences. Subaru overcomes these issues to give a performance that leaves her audience crying for more.

My goodies

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Friday, May 29, 2009

NYP Class of 2009!!!

Today is 29th May 2009... Exciting Day...

Today is the day that marks the successful completion of my studies in NYP and also the start of another chapter in my life... It's my Graduation Day from NYP!!

Woke up @ 7am..
Reporting time: 8.30am
Ceremony starts: 10am
Ceremony ends: 12 noon

As usual, there will always be speeches from Directors and Guest-of-honour... It was quite long... Then, the presentation of Diplomas & Awards began... Every graduands went up onto the stage carrying with them the fullest enjoyment and happiness to receive their Diploma, including me... Able to see my friends and myself graduate on this day is really memorable and glad.. I sent my warmest and heartiest congratulations to all my fellow friends and graduands... Wishing all of us able to excel ourselves in our future...

After that, we hop onto Nicholas and Yi Fong's car to make our way to AMK Hub to have lunch together at iChiban Sushi... Then, we went to watch Night of the Museum 2 @ 3.40pm... It was really an exciting and funny movie till everyone watching are all laughing their heart out when funny parts of the movie are shown... There are more photos coming out, shall put those I have first...

Below are some photos taken:

My Graduation Booklet, Diploma Certificate
& Director's List Certificate
My Diploma Certificate
The Diploma folder
That's me!!
Celine, Me, Sharon, Wei Ying,
Xue Cheng & Desmond
We are in our Graduate Robe~~
Me and Mummy
Mummy & Me
Mummy, me & Brother
Me, Celine & Sharon
Nice Shot!!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today is 10th May 2009... Fine Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all Mummys in the world!!! haha... I finally find some time out to post on the outing with my secondary school best buddies to celebrate Serena's birthday on 30th April... It was kind of difficult to get all to attend again, as this time it is Hui Fang's turn to be unable to join us because of her work...

Anyway, we did enjoyed ourselves that night having dinner at Sakae Sushi located at Square 2...
We chatted and had our delicious dinner till the shops all closed.. hahaha... Then, after that, we went to a place where there are some seats that we can continue with our chats... We also took photos while chatting...

We all really enojyed that day a lot... Hope for more to come~~~ After all the fun, we went home together... hahaha... ^.^

Dinner Place @ Sakae Sushi
What you all wanna eat??
One of my "老婆"
Kawaii Michelle~~~
So Kawaii~~~
Pretty Shot~~
Salmon & Teriyaki Chicken Set Meal
Unagi & Tempura Set Meal
Vegetarian Sushi~~~
Wah!!!! So big a bowl of ramen!!!
Our desserts bought by Xin Yi
Michelle, Serena & Me
Michelle, Serena & Me (Close-up)
Michelle, Serena, Me & Xin Yi
4 Pretty Girls!!!
Oh My God, Whats this all about???
Starting soon ~~
Our "See no Evil, Hear no Evil & Speak no Evil"
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