Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Long Time!!!

Today is 29 December 2009... Sunny day...

It's been super long since my last post. I was very busy with my school work, exams, AME recordings. Just came back from my 10-days China trip to HaiKou to pay visits to relatives, praying stuff and most importantly shop at HaiKou. I will leave this story on my next post with the photos up as well.

I cannot believe that time really flies that fast. 2 more days to year 2010. My exam results will be out soon tonight at 12am, i guess. I am so so afraid that I cannot pass my semester as I really think I did badly for all my papers. Really stressful to study in a local university where the competitive rate is so high. I really hope that I can pass through this semester and work extremely harder for all the rest of my modules to obtain that piece of paper that is so important nowadays. People are all having this "paper chase" game. After a PSLE cert, you get an 'O' level one. After which you may either get an 'A' level cert or a Diploma in whichever field you go. Soon after is the Bachelor's Degree, follow by Master's and PHD.

Not to think about that so far. I just want to first obtain my Bachelor's Degree first before anything else. Nothing is important than studies for the time being. Haha.. Seriously speaking, I should come out with a list of my new year resolutions. That's all for now I guess...

For more updates, stay tunie~~