Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Preparing of Christmas Already!!

Today is 30th September 2008... Fine Day...

Today will be last day in the moneth of September in 2008... Time seems to fly super duper fast... I went to work as usual... Today got a task to do early in the morning... That is to make up a gift basket for photo taking for the Christmas promotion... That's a bit difficult but yet fun... Got to arrange products nicely and also have to take note of the colour combination of the products... Cannot have too dark colours and also have to consider the main products to be placed in the gift basket... haha... After arranging the products nicely, I am also to decorate the basket with some christmas decorations... Finally, the gift basket is done:

After the gift basket is done up, I was given another kind of easy job but needs lots of patience and time to do... As my boss had gone to Thailand to get those Christmas decoration stuffs back, I am supposed to combine some parts together to produce the final product... It is to placed on the gift boxes for Christmas as well... haha... Take a look at the photos taken and you will know what I mean... hahaha...

Cinnamon stick

Fake Jagged Leaves
Combination of mistletoe and leaf
Final product
Tie the mistletoe and leaf to the cinnamon stick

The final product is done up... I have done about 1 full packet of cinnamon sticks of about 150 plus a bit more from the second packet of cinnamon sticks... haha... Isn't that a lot?? But is is rather fun~~ hahaa...

For more updates, stay tunie~~