Wednesday, September 17, 2008

八月十五 中秋节的婚礼!!!

Today is 17th September 2008... Fine Day...

Still coughing... Feeling terrible but no choice... Finally my big cousin had his wedding ceremony held last Sunday on Mid Autumn Festival aka 中秋节... hahaha...

Wake up early in the morning at 4.50am to prepare myself and wait for my aunt to come and fetched me and mum to cousin's house while my brother and dad can still continue to sleep as they will be following my uncle's car instead... I so poor thing.. Everytime have to wake up so early... hiax... Anyway, reached there early also never mind lah.. Can take some photos first..

I will be posting photos for the morning session and the night dinner at Grand Hyatt Hotel... While waiting for my big cousin to fetch the bride back to the house, I suddenly felt my head spinning and coughing badly.. So went to take a panadol... Sat on the sofa till I fell asleep...My brother and cousin Sandy came... haha... But I still continue to sleep till my big auntie's relatives came then I stop sleeping... hahaa... I so scared paiseh... hahah.. =D While waiting for the groom and bride, we started to take some 自恋 photos... At 9am, big cousin brought back the bride... Some chinese customs are done...

Photos taken in the morning session:

Gift from big cousin's company
Me and cousin Sandy
Me, Joycelyn and Sandy
Grandma drinking 孙媳妇茶
Terrence 大表哥 and his bride Carmen 姐姐
Newly wed with our relatives

Photos taken in the night dinner at Grand Hyatt Hotel:
Mum, Me and Sandy
Mum, Brother and Me
Mum and Brother
Why bro like that de??? Take photo with
me always with this face... haha...
(Compare the above photo ba..)
Table settings for the newly wed table
The cake
Pouring the champagne
'Yam Seng' session

That's all for today... I go sleep le... Nitex~~

For more updates, stay tunie~~