Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 12 of FYP!!!

Today is 14th August 2008... Fine Day...

Yipee~~~ It is week 12!! Meaning it is coming to the end of my fyp... So happy and excited... This whole week have to wear formal clothings... I don't really like to wear formal as it is so annoying... It's kind of hard for me to look out for formal blouse... Some more have to wear for the whole week... How many formal clothings do I need?? hahaha...

On Monday, I wore the blouse that I bought on Saturday.. And took a photo my myself.. haha... Also took photos together with Wei Ying... hahaha...Let's hope that this week ends quickly and smoothly... haha :D

Photos taken:
Me in my formal wear
Took this is the toilet
Ying and Me
Friends Forever.. haha :D

For more updates, stay tunie~~