Sunday, August 17, 2008

Things I bought for the week!!!

Today is 17th August 2008... Rainy Day...

It's Sunday today... Woke up early in the morning at 6.50am and got dressed up in my sporty suit... Went with my mum and some other aunties and uncles back to the hort park there to walk the bridge.. This time, my mum and I only took 45 minutes to finish the whole walk till we reached HabourFront MRT station... hahaha... That was fast as we went there before already... hahaha...

Then, we went to Tiong Bahru Market to have our lunch... My mum and I shared a bowl of Lor Mee which is quite nice and was having long queue... It took my mum to queue for about 20 minutes before we can actually have them... Besides that, we also ate other small stuffs... hahaha...Then went home le... haha :D

I am also going to blog on some things that I have bought this week... hahaha... On Friday, Ying panda and I went to watch "12 Lotus" at AMK hub Cathay... On the same day, Ying and I bought a hand cream each at our school's shopping arcade... I bought the rose one and she bought the passion fruit... haha.. Quite nice smell and nice to use.. hahaha.. I also bought 5 bottles nail polish with different colours.. This is of course to share with my mummy... whahaha!! Today, at the tiong bahru market, I saw this packet of biscuit and I suddenly have the urge to have them... Just feel like eating, so bought it... hahaha..

Below are the photos taken:

"12 Lotus" Movie Ticket
My Rose hand cream
5 bottles of nail polish
My sudden urge of wanting this biscuits

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