Monday, June 12, 2006

Sentosa trip!!!

Today is 12th june 2006..Sunny Day...

Wad is so special bout today??? It's Eugene's birthday...Went to Sentosa with the class... but quite boring today.. nothing special things happened.. onli noe a secret.. hahaha... Actually sae go there to celebrate his birthday but doesn't look like one... hiax... today ay the beach saw 10 wed couples in total taking photograghs.. so envy them.. most importantly.., all moi friends around mi have a partner with them.. which makes mi look like a third party in between them when we are together.. so disheartening.. although we are friends, i always feel awkward when i see them so loving and i was like a gal with nobody ... Why love doesn't fall on mi.. izzit the time is not right yet... thinking.. i really hope that i can tell that person what is moi feelings but i am really afraid that we may be able to be friends like ever.. cuz i already have a bad experience ...really bad one...pls tell mi what i should do.... .... .... .... =(