Monday, June 05, 2006

ARGHHHHH!!!!! Why always treat mi like that!!!!

Today is 5th june 2006...Fine weather...

Today is a real bad day...happily went home and saw moi brother mapling in moi room.. never mind.. but he played for so long hours yet he complained he haven levl up.. realli hate it... Then, when i have the chance to play juz for a while.., he start coming into moi room and ask mi let him play again.. de never mind.. i let him play on condition he muz train mine.. but ended up he played his again.. What is this!!! Got to chase him out of moi room.. he came back in again 10 minutes later sae moi mummy is nagging again..i dun believe in him.. cuz awaes bluff mi cuz got cheat easily...but ended uphe came in play again.. there comes moi mummy.. came in moi room and saw moi brother playing.. juz cuz she saw mi in the room, she scolded mi for nothing.. "Why u still give him play so much.. he has been playing for hours juz are not allowed to play maple tml ... "Whahh!!!! moi problem izzit? i didn't even have the chance to play lah... even the 'party quest' is done by moi brother...Who can save mi????????i am sick and tired of being accused for nothing!!!!=(