Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Belated Father's Day!!!

Today is 19th june 2006...Fine day...

Yesterday is father's day... How did all of u guys and gurls out there celebrate with ya family???I celebrated father's day with moi mummy and brother...Poor daddy still need to work during this day...So poor him didn't have the chance to have dinner with us (we ate pizza hut)hahahaha... so bad rite???hahahaha...But not onli this.. knowing that he cannot celebrate with us, we bought a cake for him... hahahaha... the onli thing was that we didn't get to see him eat the cake yet and oso wish him 'Happy Father's Day!!', cuz he came back from work at a ver late time(1 am in the morning) we were too tired that we fell asleep...hahaha...Today woke up but didn't see him at home.. Guess he went for work again... hiax.. Since we moved house 5 years ago.., i have not been overseas again.. When i was young, moi father will bring the whole family to countries like USA, Canada and many more... but since we grew older, it became lesser and lesser till no longer... But i understand y we were nt able to cuz mi and bro have to study even it is our hoilday..Moreover when we were having our holiday,moi dad have to work... likewise when he has his holiday, we need to study.. the timing is always not right..hiax...Poor daddy..."_"