Sunday, May 20, 2007

Post on Labour Day!!! (Late post!!)

Today is 20 May 2007... Fine Day...

I finally upload the photos and found the photos that i took with Janice and Shannon on Labour Day... hahaha.... Although it's quite long ago de photos but I still like to post it.. hahaha...Actually that day didn't go out de, but Janice called and said that she wanna buy a bag for her work and school. So we headed down to Bugis to take a look... She wanted to buy an Emily Backpack but was some kind of stopped by me and Shannon... That's because the backpack was too big for Janice which makes her look like a small girl... hahaha... Den after talking to her, we decided to go to Pastamania to take a seat and have my dinner... hahaha... Den she think think after that she dun wanna buy le... Janice den suggested that we go back to AMK Hub to see see-look look... At first she wanted to get the same backpack as me, but after that Shannon and me told her to buy a bag which was very nice and suitable for her.. Which is a nice Sling Bag.. Big enough to put wadeva stuff she wanted to put... However, I didn't take photo of that bag... hahaha... Den,it was time that we set off home... Before that, Janice wanted to take photos together so that she can blog too.. So , we took some before going back home...

Below are the photos taken on tha day:

Me & my Shannon kor

Kor & Janice dear
So Cool Rite???
Cutie Janice in panda suit
Say cheeze!!
Me & Janice dear

Stay tune for more!!!