Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Workplace!!!

Today is 5th April 2009... Rainy day...

This is the second post I am going to post today... While posting the first post, it was still sunny... The next moment, it is turning into a rainy day... What I am going to post now is the photos I taken for my workplace desk... hahaa... On friday, I was rather feeling sleepy after lunch while I still have to work... So to relax myself a bit, I took some photos of my desk... haha...

Firstly, I have a corner with my birthday card drawn by Genevieve and also an aread where my sweets and drinks are... Next to it is the company laptop that I will be using for 3 months... haha... I always have running nose as the air-con there can be rather cold... And there is always a fan blowing behind me... So I bought a packet of tissue paper... It is so cute... Has tweety, bugs bunny and other characters on it.. Whahaha....

My corner
My Mug and Sweet container that contains all kinds of sweets
My Looney Tunes tissue paper pack

For more updates, stay tunie~~~