Monday, October 16, 2006

School Reopens!!!

Today is 16th October 2006... Hazey day...PSI:133

Hahaha... 2nd semester starts today... Went back to school today... Nothing to do today... cuz first day nia... hahhaaha...Wad was fun was the lesson who had for French.. hahaha... I actually have a French name but the french pronounciation of moii name was quite different.. so i quite confused till now i still dunno how to pronounce.. haha... but had fun.. everyone in class have to have a french name.. I wanted to have another one too.. but dunno which one to choose.. cuz the english and french pronounciation of the names were different.. so in the end stick back to moii own name.. hahaha...Ok.. i shall talk bout yesterday...

Went out with Janice and Shannon as usaul cuz Janice going Tokyo soon for 2 weeks... so cool.. can go Tokyo... went to suntec and marina square... enjoy moiiself lots... hahaha... took some photos on the bus on our way home oso.. hahaha...This are the photos:

(Left to right) Janice, Shannon & Mi

Janice with Hello Kitty Chocolate candy

Janice & Mi

Shannon & his mickey board