Friday, August 11, 2006

Good and bad!!!

Today is 11 August 2006... Fine &cooling weather...

So fast time flies... i haven't been posting for so many days... Many things happen to mi.. no matter is good ones or bad ones...Let's come out with the good ones first... I finally got the chance to go out with him to watch a movie... Although one of moii friend tagged along.. i am still feeling contented as i can watch a movie with him... Who noes something so coincident happen..hahaha... that's between moii friend .. haha.. not going to tell...hahaha... den juz after that day... the next day he call mi again.. asking mi to help him.. of course i am so delighted to help ... he came to downstairs of moii house.. wad i helped him oso not going to say.. haha....
Really Contented and happy...Now i feel that no matter if we can get together a not... juz by seeing him each day is a happy day for mi...hahaha

Now.. let's talk about bad ones... Yesterday i had moii comm skills and digital media design common test.. realli dunno if i can pass a not... i realli dun wish to retake the the module again..
Next.. Sharon was so stress that she scared mi... she broke down into tears and this realli scare mi...cheer up gal, mi and weiying will help u all the way...=)