Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wasting time!!!

Today is 12 july 2006...Fine Day...

It's rather cooling tonight..I started moii day going to school to meet moii friend.. She so funny... Organise to go jogging in school today ended up never again..hahahaha....wad is so funny was that she went to school to bathe and we met in the toilet instead of the stadium.. hahaha...but can understand the weather this day is always unusual.. a while you see the scotching hot sun out here and later the rain comes there... hahaha... really wasting time in school.. 1st lecture onli 20minutes and the 2nd lab cum tutorial onli last for 30 minutes.. you can imagine mi going to school so early and ended up onli need to be in school for lesson for onli less than an hour.. hahaha...=p